Your Role Vs The Needs of the Client

Normally, as a credit repair agency you are the SOS of people who drowning in debt. Your job is to bail them out. The faster and more efficiently you do that, the better you rate with your customers. After all, they come to you in search of a solution to their financial problems and regard you as an expert.

You are an expert in credit repair. Most credit repair agencies specialize in just that, i.e. credit repair. However, is that all that you could and should do? In today’s competitive world unless you diversify and give that little extra to your clients, very soon you will exhaust your potential client base and eliminate the potential for continued client business. So, how do you diversify? What can you offer to your clients to add value to your basic services and business?

Expert Advice on Finance

To be able to do more you need to know more. You need to specialize in various matters related to money. In today’s world there are a plethora of options. There is investment, taxes, savings, small business enterprises, bankruptcy, debt management, financial attorney, collection agencies, mortgages, credit cards and so many more.

The first step should be to make a list with the financial aspects that interest you most. Once you have a list, prioritize the entries in two categories: (1) according to your preference and (2) according to the opportunities you have to specialize in that particular aspect. Make a third list with the emerging possibilities.

You can now plan to specialize in the areas you have shortlisted. In case it is not immediately possible for you to get the prerequisite qualifications, you can always hire a professional in the areas of interest. The best sources for quality part-time financial professionals are reputed freelance platforms such as, and

Alternatively, you could approach local colleges and universities and offer the pre-graduation students part-time jobs. Using students majoring in these fields can get you committed employees at reasonable wages, and allows the student the opportunity to learn from the real world work experience.


This is yet another field in need of extra effort. Most credit repair agencies are bound by law to offer counseling; which they do to a certain degree. However, this is more a perfunctory duty than real counseling. As a credit repair agency and the life-saving agent (financially) of your client, you need to get involved at a deeper level. You need to help you client understand the missteps of his/ her situation before he/ she can learn how to find and use help.

In many cases, a visit to a credit repair agency is a cry for help that goes far beyond the management of credit and the need to improve a credit score. The clients who come to you for help often have underlying areas of concern in addition to debt-forming habits that are just as debilitating.

If you are taking your job seriously and want to really make a difference in the life of your client, you need to offer state-of-the-art quality counseling. Think of yourself as a doctor. Your duty is not only in treating the disease for which your “patient” sought you; but also to educate about prevention.

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