Your business Will Benefit By Focusing on Children

Credit repair and finance management are not only the responsibility of adults, but are also an important life skill that children should master early on. There is an adage that states, “If you want to please an adult, make their children happy!” When it comes to business, this has proven to not only be a fact, but also a very valuable business strategy.

Companies who send gifts to the children of their clients find those clients are grateful and often remain clients for a longer time. The clients feel that the business has taken an active interest in their lives and their happiness and this causes the client to feel loyal to the business. Send out gifts and promotional material geared towards your clients children.

There are many companies which can see a direct increase in business after they distribute promotional gifts such as these. Keeping customers happy and returning, year after year, is about more than just doing the job you are paid to do. There are many things you can as a business to engage and attract the members of your community into becoming lifelong paying customers.

Organize Local Activities for Children

Invite children (and their parents) to participate in community activities sponsored by your company throughout the year; include appropriate themes around the holidays for greater turnouts. Use these activities to promote financial management, credit repair and credit worthiness, and of course your business as a whole. While, activities can (and to some extent should) include financial themes they do not have to be based solely on that premise, in order to promote your business.

Some activities that will get your community through the door are clothing and food drives, park clean- ups, trips to visit financial institutions and seminars to teach about financial matters. Plan a trip where parents can bring their children to a local bank and can open savings accounts. Before the trip, your business can hold a seminar for parents teaching different ways to encourage children to earn their own money. Your business can make sure that parents know how transfer funds among accounts using the internet and help them develop financial plans that their children can adopt for their future. Encourage parents to have open dialogues with their children about the bigger picture of finances and living responsible lives.

Teach Children the Value of Earning Money

Another very exciting avenue for children and parents, as well, is to show them an effective way to earn money, both online and in their communities. There are many legitimate websites that encourage children to participate and earn cash.

One such seminar can teach parents about researching income generating sites, learning to spot fraudulent sites and about safe internet practices. Focus on sites which can be used easily by kids aged 13 and up. For example, there are sites which allow users to write articles, review games, write computer programs, design websites, review food, submit photographs and so on.

It is very important that you teach the parents about researching well on these sites. It is vital for your business to guide the children who are interested to legitimate sites. Failing to do so can have devastating effects on the credibility of your business. Teaching kids to value earning money early in life will help them to value working later in life. And as any person can tell you, “life is much easier when you learn to earn your own way.” Both the parents and the child will be forever grateful for that life skill.

Another important point to teach is saving a portion of the money they earn for retirement. Be sure to show them if they earn and save properly they can limit many financial hardships in the future. Use calculators and current financial interest percentages to show how saving money beginning now can enable them to be millionaires in their lifetimes.

Teach Children about Civil Responsibility

A growing concern of adults today, is that this generation of children is too self-centered and lacks the sense of community that breeds solid moral grounds for healthy, quality lives. It is easy to debate the many reasons for this trend. Many blame parents who seemingly overcompensate for their absence with material items; others blame the growing consumerist trend of a globalized society, while many simply see it as an evolution to the moral fiber of changing world views.

Whatever the case or reason, it is crucial for every child to learn to be selfless and to see themselves as a small portion of a bigger world. They must learn that deeds, both good and bad, have ripple effects, therefore they should always try to do things that benefit society as a whole.

Granted, the holiday season is a good time to show children the importance of empathy towards others; it is important to stress that people need help all the time. Encourage civil responsibility all year long by implementing some of the following ideas:

Make A Gift Bank for Children – Get children in your neighborhood to donate toys, food (packaged), clothes, electronic items, books, computer games, etc., for the less privileged children in your area. Encourage parents facing financial hardships to stop in and get free, donated items they may need. Offer free services or another incentive to get people to make donations. Use the internet to also gather donations and to spread the word as to what your business is doing for the community. If this seems like too large of an undertaking, recruit a member of your staff or from the community to coordinate the donations and disbursements while promoting your business as a sponsor.

Organize A Day Out – Get the children of your neighborhood to participate in cleaning up local parks and playgrounds. Your business can also sponsor “field days” where kids race for prizes and participate in organized sports or activities; while parents visit information booths that promote local businesses and provide valuable information.

If your finances allow, consider renting a bus to transport kids to area attractions like zoos, museums, amusement parks, or any other place that children find entertaining, in exchange for parents attending seminars or enrolling in services. If finances don’t allow for you to incur this cost yourself, get other businesses involved or offer the trips for discounted rates. Call the places ahead of time to get the best deals.

Organize Different Competitions – Be creative and come up with ideas to hold competitions for kids in your area. Your business can sponsor contests that judge art, musical talents, creativity, ingenuity etc. Encourage parents to be involved with the natural talents of their kids and offer gift cards or savings bonds to winners. Activities such as these get parents in the door and help them build memories with their kids, which will reflect positively for your business. Get other businesses to donate supplies or prizes.

The greatest gift your business can give the members of your community is time; time to learn the benefits of financial responsibilities, social service and the means to spend quality time with their children. All of these things will prove to make your business a needed, valuable staple in your community.

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