You Can Be An Entrepreneur

A job is no longer enough. Not for the income it generates, nor for the satisfaction it gives. So, what is? Business. Everyone who is successful in the real sense of the word has some sort of business running. So, how do you get a business running? How do you ensure that you can start this business and get the business to generate a comfortable income for you?

What Is An Entrepreneur?

By definition any person who undertakes a new project can be referred to as an entrepreneur. According to the website , an entrepreneur is “Someone who exercises initiative by organizing a venture to take benefit of an opportunity and, as the decision maker, decides what, how, and how much of a good or service will be produced.” The leading economist, JA Schumpeter, says that in order to be an entrepreneur one needs to have a few intrinsic qualities. An entrepreneur :

– Derives most satisfaction from following through an idea
– Does not always use the idea for profit; but profit is used to measure its success
– Has an innate need to be self-reliant
– Feels excellence is a must; not a choice
– Believes in self; no matter what and even when no one else believes in him/ her
– Is a factor of change; always provokes or connects to change

Why Be An Entrepreneur?

If you are happy working day in and day out, earning a reasonable salary while someone else truly profits from your hard work, perhaps that is best for you. However, if you yearn for more variety and an opportunity to make a significant amount of money for yourself, entrepreneurship is the answer. Starting a business today is not as big a deal, as it once was, thanks largely to the growth and the global reach of the Internet. The mere access to Internet offers you a global market at your fingertips. You can sell whatever you have for wares – a product, a service, a concept – to the whole world. There is, of course, a learning curve here – where you learn to market your product, connect to customers, get them to place repeat orders and stay with your business for life – but this is part of being an entrepreneur. You must be prepared to not turn a significant profit before reaching a significant financial success.

Being an entrepreneur you can do anything you want. This is not merely starting a business; this is taking a step towards self-realization. This is an opportunity to break away from mediocrity and a “follow-the-crowd” pattern and make your own path toward financial independence. This is one very real measure of success; for an entrepreneur creates not only personal satisfaction and wealth, but also jobs and economic advancement in the local, regional, national and international economy.

Are You Entrepreneur Material?

Everyone has an entrepreneur lurking inside of them. All you need to do is search within yourself and activate the entrepreneur in you. Most people start with the thought of simply turning a profit. While this is a good measure of your success, entrepreneurship is NOT about money. It is about doing something you love profitably. In other words, it is something that you discover that makes you feel good doing it. Profits come because you love what you are doing. You will go the extra mile required to make it the best there is. The best part is that in spite of all the work you put in, you will never feel tired or bored as you will be doing something you love to do.

As you find yourself driven by this innovative idea, you will find that it makes money as well. This is the point where you will realize the power and benefit of being an entrepreneur.

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