Use Christmas to Promote Your Business

Christmas is a lovely time to make others happy. It is also a wonderful time to promote your business, connect with your old clients and attract new ones. Here are 7 generous ways you can share with your clients so they can save money during the season while pointing them indirectly to your business:

1. Credit cards that give awards – Your clients will definitely use their credit cards for shopping this month. Send them a mailer with a comparative list of all credit card providers and highlight the best reward offers for them. This way you will help your clients save money while spending money for Christmas gifts.

2. Best deals on the web – Do some research and make a comprehensive list of some websites that offer superb discounts and/ or deals on various items such as clothes, jewelry, perfumes, gadgets, etc. so your clients can get the best deal without having to shop for the best prices themselves. It is service for which they will surely be grateful.

3. Send a list of gifts under $50 – There are so many people that come on your list for gifts during Christmas and the money simply does not stretch that far. There are many people who look for something nice yet not too expensive in the price range of $20-$50. 0This will be a simple list to put together because there are plenty of things that can make very attractive gifts within this budget. Send a list with links to your clients, put in on your blog or send it in your newsletter.

4. Suggest to your clients that they have a “day-after-Christmas” sale – This is a wonderful idea for people who receive lovely gifts that they actually do not like and would otherwise have strewn around the house creating clutter, or forgotten in some corner. The sale could raise some great funds for a New Year’s party.

5. Santa helps children start saving – Dress as Santa (or have your staff do it) and gift children a sweet piggy bank while telling them stories to inspire them to start saving money. Their parents will love you; and you will be teaching the children a valuable lesson that can start a lifetime of healthy financial habits.

6. Ideas to make money during Christmas – This is a great time to make money for those people who are ready to grab the opportunity as it presents itself. Make a list with things that your clients can do to get some extra cash this month. This can potentially help them stay out of debt.

7. Offer a gift with every order you get this December – Of course, nothing succeeds like a freebie to attract the attention of present and would-be clients. Choose a beautiful gift that can be used throughout the year so you will be remembered all year long. Examples: calendar, aromatic candle stand, USB drives, card readers, cute fridge magnets, key rings, etc. Remember, whatever you give should be of the highest quality and attractive or functional enough so the recipient will want to use it.

This a great way to introduce new clients to your business as the right promotion will generate viral leads. The best advertising has and will be word- of- mouth.

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