Unemployed? Grab Hold Of The Life You Truly Want

I read, somewhere, a very insightful saying which touched a cord within me. It said that there is no “absolute reality” in the world, only “perceived reality.” It went on to say that perception of reality is what makes one person see the half empty glass, while another person sees the same glass as half full. However, it was not until after I lost my job that I was able to appreciate the real meaning of this saying.

Unemployment – Time To Take Stock Of Your Life

It is difficult to see the positive side of things when you are lacking sufficient financial resources. Investing in a savings account can often circumvent a financial crisis such as losing your job. However, starting that account is often an act that is put off by struggling employees living paycheck to paycheck. Perhaps you do not have sufficient savings to cover all your expenses and/ or only have unemployment benefits to take you through until you find another source of income, what tangible options are available to change your financial situation? The truth is that this is the moment when you can redesign your life. Use this opportunity to take a step back and reevaluate your life. This is a time when you can make the changes that have held you back from living the life you always wanted.

Unemployment – Time To Take A Chance

What time is better than the present to begin thinking seriously about earning your livelihood differently? It would have been difficult for you to quit your job and pursue some of your dreams, or gut feelings about how to reach financial stability. Well, here is your chance. Since you lost your job, no one would accuse you of risking the financial safety of your family on a whim. You have a free ticket to try whatever you always wanted to try. This is a golden opportunity because:

– Losing your job enables you to create a new found outlook on life
– A lack of sufficient employment is such a widespread problem today that you will certainly have the support of friends and family to pursue new paths in life or to start your own business
– Use the free time to critically analyze new ways to generate wealth. As the saying goes “necessity is the mother of all invention”
– Now is a perfect to turn a hobby of interest into a full-time, focused occupation

Unemployment – Time To Look At Other Possibilities

Many people needed to be fired to do something different in their professional life. Often times, this extreme crisis fuels people with the drive to be successful beyond their wildest dreams. J.K. Rowling lost her job as a secretary, was depending on welfare to support her son ; and then she began writing Harry Potter. Harry Potter went on to have unprecedented success and has made Rowling a multimillionaire and a household name. Oprah Winfrey was fired from her news reporter job before she discovered her talent in talk shows. She has gone on to become one of the business worlds most influential figures. She has become one of the wealthiest women in the world and can single-handedly turn a business into an overnight success by the mere mention of the business. Walt Disney was actually fired from a newspaper where he worked for “lack of imagination.” Walt Disney then moved to Hollywood and created Disney World . Disney has grown to be a world wide phenomenon and a staple in media arts and entertainment. The stories are endless. There are many business owners in your very area who can tell you a similar story. Ask around- you may be surprised at how many of them took a personal crisis and created their success. The point is to take stock of your life today, reevaluate your past in order to redesign your future.

Take this time to really think about what direction you would like your life to take. It equates to looking at the menu at a restaurant and deciding you want something completely new to eat. Some examples of career fields you may not have not considered:

– Working on a cruise liner; see the world and get paid for it – check out these amazing job offers at CruiseJobFinder.com
– Become a part of Alaska’s fishing industry – AlaskaJobFinder.com
– Become a pyrotechnician – this is, in simple layman’s terms, a person who is trained in fireworks

Check out various job sites to find a niche that excites you. Do not worry if it is not in your “field.” The point is to try something new, to be daring, to live the life you never thought you could. Just go for it and learn as you go. Chances are that you will discover a talent that you never knew existed within yourself. Some great job websites you could browse are – http://www.jobmonkey.com/, http://www.cooljobs.com/, http://www.backdoorjobs.com/, http://www.actionjobs.com/, http://www.kareeve.com/, http://mountainjobs.com/, http://www.seasonworkers.com/, http://www.snagajob.com/, and http://www.themeparkjobs.com/ among others.

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