Teach Your Clients to Be Prepared For The Worst

Today money is indeed as important as water and oxygen for survival. You can do very few things without money. As a credit repair company, you are here to help your clients not only manage their finances effectively, but also to help clients prepare for the worst.

Beware of Worse Case Scenarios

Disasters can strike anyone, whether you are just a regular Joe or a multibillionaire; whether you are young or old; whether you are an expert or a novice. Are you prepared to fight back when life suddenly changes? This question needs to be posed to your customers. It is after all, your duty to ensure that your client, who comes to you initially for credit repair, stays financially stable well into the future.

For your business to be successful it is imperative to think in terms of making lifelong customers. This means you have to be able to keep adding value to your customer’s life relating to finance. An area that many clients will need help in is budgeting for disasters.

You and your clients should be familiar with the term “budget.” However, are your clients familiar with “financial worse case scenarios?” Bad things happen all the time. People who survive such situations are usually prepared in advance. Ask your client: are you prepared for the worst case scenario?

What can be termed as a worst-case scenario? The following examples can be used to shed light on possibly devastating situations.

1.    You could lose your life; have you ensured that your family is financially self-sufficient in such an event?
2.    You could lose your job; many experienced this during the recent recession. Are you ready to support yourself and your family for 6-12 months or until you find another source of income?
3.    You or a loved one can be struck with a terminal illness; are you financially ready to spend all that it takes to keep the person comfortable or receiving treatments for as long as necessary?
4.    There could be an accident; are you able to cope with medical bills and no employment?
5.    There could be a natural disaster and all your belongings could be lost in matter of minutes; could you rebuild your life?

These are only a few of the possible worst-case scenarios that could happen to just about anyone. The question is: are your clients ready for such devastating life changes?

As a credit repair company who doubles as a financial consultant, you should be able to guide and help your customer build a comprehensive safety net that financially covers the worst possible scenarios. How? There are many ways. The first is by taking out an insurance policy. This should cover most of the possibilities listed above and others not mentioned here.

The second and one that is more difficult to set up- is a crisis fund. This fund is necessary for times when your client requires a sudden influx of money. You need to teach your clients not only to save but also to invest this savings fund wisely so that the money can multiply over time.

Preparing clients for unexpected situations should be an unwritten expectation as a service that a credit repair agency provides. Consultation services for saving and investing is the future of this industry, and the path that leads to prosperity for all involved.

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