Start A Chain Of Kindness This Year

How would an act of kindness benefit your credit repair company? Do you even think such a thing would work? You will be pleasantly surprised at how many ways you may be able to promote the good name of your company with a few simple acts of kindness.  This takes very little effort and/ or money; however, often causes a chain of events that leads to the positive promotion of your business.

What Exactly Can You Do?

If you start to think “outside the box,” you can come up with numerous ways to have your business be the face of generous acts of kindness, creating a positive image for credit repair businesses. Below you will find a clever way to be charitable and draw in new clients because your business will be seen in a different light.

1.    Raise Funds – As an expert in this field you should be able to easily raise $500-1500.  That type of information is priceless to everyone. Consider putting together a small info brochure, book or even an eBook on how to generate additional income. You may also add a few lines on how to raise funds for charitable purposes. Offer the information for free during the holiday season; however, you can charge as little as 99cents during the year or ask for a donation in exchange for the information, which will then be used for the following charitable act during the holiday season.

2.    Identify The Beneficiary – Take careful note of your current client situations and identify someone who could truly  benefit from some financial help, especially if they are well on their way to financial freedom based on the services they have gotten from your business. Offer any amount you think is suitable as an instant loan or even as a gift, no questions asked. There should be only two stipulations to the financial gift: the beneficiary should repay the loan to someone else in a similar economic condition and that they must engage in a financial management seminar, course or consultation offered by your business.

After they complete the financial consultation, the money should be offered with the repayment condition. The repayment condition is that the money  be once again paid forward as a loan/ gift, with the same conditions with which they received it. He/ she should ask their beneficiary to do the same with the repayment of their loan/ gift and can only receive the money after they complete your financial consultation.

3.    Keep A Track Of Your Chain Of Kindness – Offer some quality service for free to all those who benefit from this chain of kindness in order to encourage them to continue the kind deed and allow you to monitor the progress of the kind act. The advantages of doing so would enable you to know how many peoples lives this chain of kindness touched, as well as, get potential clients into your office. Being in touch with these people allows them the opportunity to become paying clients or a spokesman on behalf of the kindness program initiated by your business. Gather testimonials on their situation before and after the generous gift.

4.    It Is All About Money Management – While the chain of kindness is meant to create a good story and positive image for your company and put some money is a deserving hand, you need to keep in mind that it is all about money, at the end of the day. The people who have benefited by this chain of kindness will be even more grateful to learn techniques for managing their personal finances more effectively.  Your ultimate goal should be to encourage these people to retain some of your services so that they hopefully never find themselves in the position to need a loan again. The chain of kindness would ideally put you in touch with people who need your services more than anything else.

5.    Keep A Close Eye On The Return of Investment– Initially, the cost of the investment will be an out of pocket expense, unless you have raised the money through donations. However, as the chain grows, the RoI would pay for the initial cost with  the new leads turning into paying clients.  Your business will not only get recognition for the kind act but also for the services you will offer to recipients. All these people who are the recipients of the “chain of kindness” money are people who need to be educated on financial management and showed key tools to staying debt free. Encourage recipients to learn healthy ways to get out of and stay out of debt.

Right after the holiday season is one of the best times to do good, while at the same time growing your business leads. Doing things with potential clients in mind will encourage your current clients to draw in more leads for you, highlights the good intentions of your business and separates your business from competitors.

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