Small Ways to Big Profits

The e-entrepreneur has always done business at the minimum if not zero costs. The tools available today on the market are amazingly supportive. Indeed, if you are perseverant there is the ability to build a profitable empire, at no cost whatsoever and with minimal effort.

There is a small anecdote that emphasizes the importance of having the right “know-how.” There was a skilled computer engineer who was invited by a large company to look at their huge server, which seemed to have shut down for no apparent reason. The engineer came, looked a little and kicked it hard on the side. He did this in front of the management of the company. The server came on and worked fine. He billed the company $2,000. The management was livid. “What? $2,000 for a kick? What did he do for that kind of money?” They sent him a request to itemize the bill before they would pay, thinking that this would trap him. The engineer sent an itemized bill, as follows:

1.    Professional fee for onsite visit         –     $200.00
2.    Checking the server onsite            –    $200.00
3.     Kicking the server  to start it        –    $100.00
4.    accurately Identifying the spot to kick     –     $1,500.00

The management paid.

What does this tell you? You need to use the right tools for your marketing campaign. The best tools are those that do not actually focus on marketing but lead to it. One example is interviewing people.

Make it a habit to interview people on a favorite subject related to credit repair and post the video on YouTube, your blog, RSS feeds and the like. The interview could be on expert advice, about people who have conquered despite difficult times, about people who have lost it all, about successful credit repair campaigns, and the list goes on forever.

When you interview someone, you do not say anything. At the same time you must be able to keep your viewer focused clearly on credit repair and your company, the host of the video. Where do you think the viewer will go next? To your website, of course!

For the highest attraction potential, interview people who have lived through financial disasters, rag-to-riches stories, complete turn-around stories and watch your own profits grow. People love such stories because it is easy to romanticize them. The more touched they are about what they see, the more potential for word-of-mouth promotion. In no time, you may have an avalanche of marketing campaigns that will literally sweep you off your feet.

Lastly, ensure that every month you have at least one video release. This means you have to produce something newsworthy every month. Do not worry, there is plenty of material for inspiration: local news, international news, best case of the month, disaster of the month, best tool introduced, best service delivered, and so on. The point is to keep adding to the value and trust your customer placed in you. The profits will follow.

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