Simple Tricks That Will Boost Your Sales Round The Year

Your success is directly tied in with your ability to generate sales. Try as you might, you will still have some down times depending upon the day of the week, time of the year and general economic conditions. Sometimes the market goes through the roof along with your profits; and sometimes it is exactly the opposite. Here are some simple tricks that will help you boost your sales round the year:

1. Announce a discount day every week – Keep track of which day your sales are usually at their lowest. Offer special discounts on that day and announce it on your website and to all your mailing list members. Let them know that if they come visiting on that particular day, they are to enjoy some excellent discounts in their service fees. Allow them to be able to recommend 1-5 friends who could also avail of discounted services through the introduction of a potential client.

2. Have One Service Available At A Discount Every Day– Just like hotels have “today’s special,” you could pick one product every day and offer it at a discount. This will generate interest to visit your website often, to have it recommended to others, and to buy credit repair services. This will be a great bargain for those who love a great deal and for those who are truly in need of credit repair services.

3. Offer group sales on installments – Invite people to create groups and buy services/ products. You can offer a discounted rate to groups of10 members- as long as each of the members pays their 10th of the fee. Have all the members pay their fee to one member and have that member forward the entire payment to your business. Offer special incentives as well for on time payments and for recurrent payments. In this way, the monthly payment per each head is affordable, while you manage to make a sale every month.

4. Announce Combos That Come At Competitive Prices – “Two for one” can be a very attractive offer to many. Announce on your site, through your newsletter and other means available that you are offering specially-put-together credit repair services as combos. More people would be tempted to buy and recommend your services; they would also love to spread the word among their friends about this is a great offer. Enable your website to “share” this offer through social networks to reach the greatest number of potential buyers.

5. Offer A Holiday Discount – You could negotiate with certain local restaurants and hotels and announce some remarkable holiday bonuses to those who buy your services. In exchange you could offer to promote their special rates or simply advertise for them.

6. Free first-time consultations and discounts – Announce an introductory offer of free first time credit repair (no obligation) consultations followed by a certain percentage (30-75%) discount on their first order with your business. This will attract new leads from first time visitors, as well as, through recommendations of old customers who would love to introduce their friends to the joys of credit repair.

7. Announce sweepstakes as often as possible – This will take some researching and negotiation time, but it is well worth the trouble. Look for wholesalers and businesses who are willing to provide you free samples of their wares for promotion. Use these “testers” to run sweepstakes on your site. Allow only members to participate but make sure you have free registration for others who want to participate. This will bring in a deluge of leads, that you could covert to sales.

The idea is to attract and hold the interest of your visitors and customers. Make it worth their while to come back and check out your website/ business. Let them feel that they are getting value for their money when they avail of your services and your traffic will grow exponentially in no time.

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