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ATTENTION: Credit Repair Professionals!

If you’re only looking for the “BEST” credit repair software on the market — with lots of Pricey Bells and Whistles.. we’re NOT your solution. In fact…

We’re NOT the “BEST”

Many of the popular software programs out there have lots of lavish and, for the most part, unnecessary features that mostly go UNUSED!

… and you pay through the nose for them!

The Ethical Credit Repair Alliance DOES offer a professional quality software program… but we go way, WAY beyond that! In fact, we specialize in a TOTAL BUSINESS SOLUTION for your credit repair company!

Not JUST the software alone, but also tools to help you;

  • Attract more clients
  • Retain customers
  • Maximize and add to your revenue from each client
  • Recruit affiliates
  • Advance your education
  • Stay in compliance with the law
  • Demonstrate credibility in the industry
  • Interact with like-minded professionals
  • Be supported by a vibrant community
  • Get a special merchant account
  • And much more

ALL inclusive – NO extra fees – NO hidden charges–

You get it ALL!

Our so-called “competitors” are MASTERS at getting you sucked in – then charging you extra…

EXTRA for additional users, EXTRA for setup, EXTRA for using their portals, EXTRA for being part of their so-called “community”…  and on and on.  By the time they’re through with you, you’re broke! And all you’re left with is access to their “pretty”  software.

Too Good To Be True?

Given the high fees you’d have to pay elsewhere for similar (or lesser) services, I can hardly blame you if you’re thinking right now…

“Gee, I’ve always believed that ‘You get what you pay for!’

So just how is it that the ECRA is willing to provide SO MUCH MORE for SO MUCH LESS than what I’d have to pay for the more popular credit repair software programs ALONE?”

Well you see, the ECRA was created to fulfill 2 very serious needs…

  1. The need for ethical credit repair professionals to self-regulate the industry and to differentiate themselves from the all-too-many scam artists out there who give the entire profession a “black eye”!
  2. The need for an all-inclusive resource where serious professionals – those with many years of experience, as well as those just starting out – can come together, share their knowledge and experience, and have access to ALL the resources they need to succeed in their business – resources for marketing, promotion, client retention, education… and YES!

State of the Art credit repair software!

… to automate their business, save them time, and streamline their business process. So ask yourself… “Just WHAT is it that I REALLY need?”

Is it… Useful – but highly overpriced – software with excessive, over-elaborate features that you don’t need, don’t want, won’t use, and would rather not have to pay extra for?

Or is it… Equally useful – and yet very affordable – software… And business resources… And client retention tools… And credibility in the industry… And continuing education… And marketing materials… And revenue enhancements… And additional training… And support from a community of professionals like yourself… AND…

Well, I think you get the picture.

So… Are You A “Risk Taker”?

If you’re really serious about your credit repair business, then… I’m asking you to TAKE A RISK! Right NOW — This Very Minute for the sake of your business, your clients, and your success… I’m asking you to RISK…

one dollar bill image

Yeah, that’s right… ONE DOLLAR!

For just one dollar you can try out our CMS software, and all our other services that you CAN’T GET under “one roof” ANYWHERE ELSE for a full 30 days. And if you don’t think your Ethical Credit Repair Alliance membership is the best deal going, then by all means, cancel your membership and sign up for another software program.

And HEY!… if you shoot me an email I’ll even refund your dollar!

So before you throw away your money on some pricey, over-hyped software program, give us a try!

Try our services for a full 30 days. And after 30 days you’ll pay just $59.95/month – and you can cancel your membership at any time.


I’m confident that you WON’T be canceling… once you realize how very much you’re getting for one low monthly fee. So unless you’re on a quest for the “Holy Grail” of the “BEST” credit repair software, invest your hard-earned $$ dollars $$ where it will return the maximum benefit for you and your business!

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All my best wishes for the success of your credit repair business,

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