Promote Your Business By Staying Fresh In The Minds Of Your Customers

Publicity is a must-have for any business. This will not only build your brand image in the market, but also will ensure that you stay fresh in the minds of your customers. ‘Staying fresh’ is very important if you want your customers to come back to you every time they need any service/ product related to credit repair. ‘Staying fresh’ is also important to build a trust bond with your existing customers so they will recommend your business to others. When they trust you, they will consistently come back to you with their problems – and of course, business as well.

Hence, it is very important to stay fresh in the minds of your existing customer base. Here are 7 simple ways to do this:

(1) Announce Webinars/ Seminars/ Conference Regularly – You could organize regular webinars on financial management, credit repair, credit management and so on. Ensure that you make it interesting and of high value to your customers. Teach them diligently to be self-sufficient; the more they know how to do it, the more they will rely on you to do it for them or to guide them in doing it properly.

(2) Network, Network, Network – You need to build a solid network with your customers on various credit repair matters. To do this, you need to continuously upgrade your services, your methods, your offers. Your customers should find you so valuable that they will want to introduce you to anyone they knew. Offer loyalty bonuses, discounts, gifts, holiday deals, etc. to make your services and products something that all your customers will look forward to and recommend.

(3) Write A Newsletter – Offer a weekly/ monthly/ bi-monthly, quarterly newsletter. Ensure that this newsletter has excellent material/ content so your customers will look forward to receiving it and share it with others. The newsletter should contain a few regular features that will make it feel familiar; some news items; a feature story and definitely some great offers. Make the newsletter lively and something that your readers look forward to.

(4) Publish Interviews Of Super-Successful/ Difficult Stories – People get inspired by true stories about credit repair, debt problems, bankruptcy and so on. Whenever you have a difficult case, offer a discount in return for their consent to use their case for advertising. Such cases are inspiring and motivate people to seek help to manage their finances – even if their case seems completely hopeless. Knowing that your business has genuinely helped others out of dire situations can often be a motivating factor in whether they too utilize your services.

(5) Launch an e-course on DIY credit repair – Do not worry- you are not sabotaging your own business- in fact you are going to be helping it more than you can imagine. Create a genuinely effective e-course so people who go through it and find it honest and valuable, will come to you with their problems. If they trust that you have put their resolution above your bottom-line they will trust your business. Building a trust is vital when it comes to financial matters. Think about it- would you put your money in the bank if you thought the next day it would be gone? Would you send your kids to a school where you thought they would be hurt? Would you go to a doctor who never knew what was making you sick? Of course not!The fact is that people do business with people, businesses and institutions they trust. It is up to you to build that trust and separate yourself from the rest of the market.

(6) Remember Their Special Days – Have your customers fill in a small questionnaire regarding the days that they feel are special for their family- birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc. Use an automated emailing program, with which you could send e-greetings, and special offers worked out especially for your customer. These types of things are what will keep your customers loyal to your forever. It shows sincerity and gives them a feeling that they alone are important to your business.

(7) Always have a mega-sale or super-special deal during the holiday seasons- The deals should be so good that it would compel your customers to buy something. If that something is great, your customer might share it with their friends, thus marketing the product/ services and your website for you. Using your email marketing program- ensure that you also know what holidays they celebrate. Be as conscious as possible to the religious observations that your customers celebrate. Being sensitive and aware of these small details will go a long way with your customers.

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