Power Of Social Media: Free Promotion Of Your Credit Repair Business

Let’s start with some startling facts regarding social media:

  • About 91% of consumers buy products or use services because of a friend or family recommendation
  • Peer reviews are far more trusted and decision-influencing than commercial reviews of a service or product
  • Studies show that the snowball effect of one word-of-mouth recommendation is more than that of 300 television advertisements
  • 8 out of 10 people are likely to try a product or service, even if they were not looking for it, when they find it endorsed by friends or family
  • Internet users per year are growing at a rate of 300%

Look closely at the above facts. What do you see? There is HUGE potential in social media. Casual chatting, conversations, reviewing a product or service on your homepage/ blog/ forum is far more powerful than a sterile, no matter how accurate, review on a website.

Companies such as Tupperware and Amway brought about a new method of marketing: Word- of– mouth.  The Internet has redefined and pushed word- of –mouth advertising to a higher level. The internet is essentially one big conversation, where everyone’s opinion is equal and given credibility. Simply commenting on a product or service, among friends on Facebook, can instantly create an interest in that product. You may even find that as many as 8 out of 10 of your friends will look up the product or ask you a follow- up question.

How do you harness this huge potential for your business? Easy. Book your spot on the social media scene and follow the unwritten rules for maximum returns:

  1. No marketing. Rule number one, although many do not find obvious, DO  NOT  market your products to your friends. Many people feel pressured to purchase even when they cannot and would soon rather forget the friendship than listen to a sales pitch over dinner, no matter how good your product is. If you want your friends to be interested in your product, tell a story about the wonderful help this product or service was to you. Incorporate the products use as you visit with friends. Give a few out as gifts for the holidays. The trick is to have them see the products’ value on their own so they will advertise for you.
  2. No advertising. I have had friends whose posts on their social media pages are only about products or  services they are affiliated with. All superb. All very irritating. In the end, it was easier to just block the friend than to constantly see a sales pitch. This is a common complaint. Social media pages are to stay in touch with friends, to chat, to see what they are doing. Most people do not want another bombardment of advertisements; there is enough on television and radio. The best way to draw attention to the product is to show how you actually use the product or service. Display the benefits not the sales pitch!
  3. Network, network, network. The Internet is the most amazing tool for networking. Once you are part of this social media, release your preconceived notions and make new friends. Do not stop at the friends you already have. Invite friends of friends and friends of friends of friends. In no time, you will have a HUGE network of people who can be prospective clients.
  4. Be 100% truthful. Why is word-of-mouth so powerful? Because it is trusted 100%. If a friend, colleague or family member says they liked a product or service, I believe what they are saying to be the truth. Do not betray that trust for profit or you will lose big time. Do not make false claims or exaggerate results. Just as word- of- mouth can make a business soar, negative word- of- mouth can be the end of a business.
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