Offline Promotion – Can You Really Do It Free Of Cost?

There are many ways to get free promotion campaigns and advertisements online. However, did you know that you can enjoy the same benefits offline, as well? When you launch your business online you are likely to start believing the myth that online business need to be promoted only online and/or through internet marketing. Nothing could be further from the truth.

You can indeed promote your business for free offline. Here are some of the most popular methods:

1. Send periodic newsletters to all your friends, relatives, past customers and colleagues – The trick here is to try making this newsletter a desired commodity. Hence, include content that people would like to share with one another. For example, you can have some funny cartoons, photographs, jokes, very valuable information/ advice/ interesting articles and so on. The more valuable and interesting the newsletter content, the more likely it is to be shared. If the recipient finds the information invaluable they will want to forward the information. This is the very principal of viral marketing. For best results, ensure that you have a link that clearly states that it can take the reader to your website for clarifications or any required/ desired services.

2. Offer high quality freebies at regular intervals – Organize seminars/ conferences/ enter into collaborations with the local shopping malls, etc., in order to offer freebies at regular intervals. You may have to partner with a wholesaler or manufacturer who can commit to selling you goods at factory-price. You should also keep a lookout for special prices/ offers/ sales that will prove valuable to your customers. Remember, unless the freebie is of high quality your clients will not remember you or recommend your business. Don’t lose the opportunity to create an impact right from the beginning.

3. Reflect your business in everything around you – Add one line on your business cards stating something related to credit repair. More often than not, that particular line will be the ice-breaker in a conversation that would get someone interested in your business. Have a signature line added to your stationery, on stickers (which you could stick on your car and other property), etc. This will not cost you a lot but will be a constant source of targeted traffic and direct marketing/ advertising.

4. Participate in community projects – Give your time to your local community, participate in movements/ charities you believe in. Ensure that every time make new contacts or come in contact with various people that you distribute your business card. The best card will offer a brief description of what you do. Be friendly and helpful without regard for how this will generate money. It is very easy to promote an expert image if you are helpful and provide a few valuable consultation sessions to your new contacts.

5. Organize seminars on finance for children – This would give your business two distinct advantages, i.e. the first is that children learn fast and therefore, you will enjoy a high level of satisfaction from your effort. Secondly, is that the parents will be engaged, as well, into learning about what your business can do for their financial concerns. In appreciation for the life lesson your business will instill in their children, these same parents will take special interest in your business – an interest which could convert into a long-term business relationship with a potential for further business leads.

Just because you have chosen to run a portion of your business online does not mean that you can not to take advantage of offline sources to expand your business. The goal is to get your business recognized. Your business must be a pillar of information for the greatest success but it must be found by potential clients. The only way to attract new clients is by promoting over various channels.

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