Make Profit Even During Recession Times – Be Unstoppable

These are times when the economy is highly volatile and recession seems to always be around the corner. In these times, many businesses are happy with just keeping up with minimum profits; in other words, just surviving. You can do better if you know how to engage and hold the attention of your existing and prospective customers. Here are a few very potent tips that will help you grow your profits even in the slowest of times:

1. Launch Affiliate Programs With Excellent Commission Packages – there are no better ways to recruit sales people for your business than offering affiliate programs with excellent commissions. Give away 50-75% of your profit as commission and watch your business grow. Your profits will come with the turnover, and not with the margin of the profit. Besides, the side benefit is that you will grow your customer base.

2. Trade Advertising Space Instead Of Buying It – when the economy is slow, many site owners would rather not pay much for ads. Seek out sites that complement yours, and trade advertising space with them. You can also ask popular ezines, article directories, etc. for space in return to promoting their site on yours. You will find this to be a very powerful way to promote your business with zero investment.

3. Outsource Difficult And Monotonous Tasks – keep close to your chest only those tasks that you can do well, enjoy doing, and take up the least of your time. You’re required to plan the battle; you are the general. It would not do if you wear too many hats. If you are the general AND the soldier – you cannot expect much growth, nor will it be fast enough. Instead, identify all the tasks that consume your time and effort the most, and outsource them. Don’t worry about the money you have to pay for the outsourcing; with more free time and less stress, you’ll be able to plan and run your business better and more profitably. Additionally, these tasks will be performed better and faster hence, helping you function better.

4. Join Hands With Other Similar Business – the concept of JV or Joint Ventures is excellent for boosting your business with the least monetary and effort investment. When two or more businesses (not more than 4 for best results) join hands, they enjoy a combined database of clients which in turn can turn viral – provided you offer great benefits. In this manner, with the least investment you can double or triple your profits in no time.

5. Offer Free e-Books, Articles, and Tips With A Condition – give away excellent e-material with one condition – that your byline will remain in the article/e-Book/tip list. In this way, whenever someone sends your freebie to another person, it will also advertise your site. This will soon put into a motion an excellent viral marketing campaign for you. Every time someone sends your freebie to another person, it opens new avenues for advertising your site to more people. This grows exponentially and you get to reap rich profits from your quality freebies.

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