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As a successful, albeit small scale credit repair home business, you’ll need all the money you can make. One of the greatest income streams when you have a web site is advertising space.

If you know how to market your advertisement space, you can make a small fortune steadily with little effort. Since the space is already there, you need not invest anything more than your time and effort to generate a steady income. Here are a few great, and yet very simple ideas on how to sell your ad space successfully.

(1) Offer Great Deals

Most people can’t resist a good deal. Try putting together deals that save money for the advertisement buyers.

For example, deals such as “Buy two ads and get one free” are hot favorites. Think of deals that will make it very difficult for small or medium sized businesses to pass up the opportunity.

(2) Freebies of Value are Excellent Baits

Nothing works better than a high value freebie. Offer your patrons, especially the repeat ones, some excellent freebies. There are scores of wonderful things available on the Internet that are free if you look hard enough. Try building a network of software providers, wholesalers, free download e-book sites, and so on, from where you can get a perennial source of freebies of high quality and value.

(3) Offer More Value for the Money as a Bonus

Provide the advertiser more for his money. Make the deal too sweat too resist. You can offer better location, a larger ad, longer time on the site, and so on. Or you can allow them to choose what they want, provided they book ads above a certain fee bracket.

Always think in terms of how much profit you can generate for your patron. If you are genuine enough and show a caring nature, more than 90% will make you a regular feature.

(4) Customize Part of the Text to Promote the Ad

Wherever possible, try including keywords that pertain to the advertisement placed on your site. This will help bring in better results, and the advertiser will keep coming back for more owing to the exceedingly good results he gets from your site. Alternatively you may dedicate a page specifically to any advertisers who book ads above a certain price bracket.

(5) Exchange Space Instead of Accepting Payment

When the website of the business that chooses to advertise with you is complementary to yours, it’s best to explore ways to exchange ad spaces rather than to charge a steep fee. In this way, you’ll save a carload of cash in advertising space.

You can have this offer extended to friends, or friends on Facebook, and other major social media networks. In no time your ad space will be the hottest thing to buy for any micro, small, and medium business.

For all these “formulas” to work successfully, there is ONE very important pre-requisite: those to whom you sell the ad space need to believe that your site is popular and highly visible. Therefore, you need to have it ranked well for your particular keyword(s) on the first SERP (search engine results page) of the major search engines. If you have managed this aspect, the sky is the limit for the income you can generate by selling your ad space.

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