How Can I Make $300 An hour?

Do you want to make $300 an hour? It is not that big a deal – if you know how. So, the question is “how?” There are two ways to reach this goal. The first is to find something you love to do, and do it continuously until you have perfected your field. You should strive to be the best in your field. Market that product or skill using different tools and you will find success.

The second is to work the other way around; the bottom up approach. Research on what people are ready to pay any price for and identify where and how you can fit your skills to match that demand niche. Once you have these answers you can dictate your price.

1.    Monetize a hobby – There once was a man who hated school and the tedious classwork that came with it. He was in love, however, with a beautiful and very rich girl in his neighborhood. They were in love, but he could only dream of marrying her because he was far below her economically. He decided to generate wealth in order to meet her financial expectations. His only skill was his love for music. He started with job-shadowing DJ’s. Then he bought a computer, added some special software and started editing music with pitch correcting programs. He enrolled in certificate courses and researched heavily on the internet. Within a year he was the best music track editor in the State. Within 2 years, he was making $1,000 an hour. It is possible. You just have to believe and do the necessary work.

2.    Monetize an idea. Find out what people want. Pat Flynn is a great entrepreneur who “has made it” online. Laid off during the recession, with a wife and baby on the way he felt desperate to start earning enough without a steady job – because there were no jobs available. He researched. He found that many people are worried about and want to prepare for LEEDS. He created a program that walks them though this exam, making it feel like a piece of cake ; he marketed the program on his blog and bingo! Within three months he was earning more than his annual salary at the workplace that gave him the pink slip. This lovely idea made it possible for Pat to forget all about his lost job and enjoy the freedom of making money on the Internet.

3.    Monetize your time – Are you wise beyond your years? Do you have any special skill? Do you know something that could add value to any technology, person or organization? Capitalize on it. Advertise and sell your time (and expertise) to a broad consumer market as well as focused consumers. Ensure that your ideas are generating income. When deciding on what you want to charge- stay as close as you can to the goal you have planted in your mind – $300 per hour. If you feel you cannot sell your time at that price (yet);  go ahead and make yourself worthy of that fee. For this purpose, you need to sharpen your skills through training/ certification/ more education/ innovations/ technology and so on. The skills you lack are working against you and simply benefiting your competitors. If you cannot work to be the best in the field then you are going to find it difficult to reach your financial goals.

In order to truly believe you can earn $300 an hour, you must feel worthy of that amount money. You must exude confidence in your skills and in your business.   If you can hone in on confidence then sooner than you think you can be earning much more than $300 per day. Remember if you can dream it and believe it; then you will surely achieve it.

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