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You are in the business of credit repair. In other words, you make money when people are in trouble with managing their money. Although you are there to provide a vital service, on the surface it may seem as if you are prospering from another’s misfortune.

The Past

For a long time, the credit repair business was regarded as a “vulture” business, i.e. waiting for someone’s financial security to die so [you] (credit repair agency) can feed on it. This was one of the main reasons why not very long ago credit repair companies were considered an opportunistic business and even evil by some. A number of fraudulent credit companies also came into existence specifically to cheat people who were desperate to fix their credit causing further distrust among potential clients.

Thankfully, a number of regulatory bodies came into existence and set up a series of ethics codes that gradually redeemed the nature and credibility of the credit companies.  By doing so, these regulatory bodies provided people who found themselves in financial jams a safe medium for financial counseling and remedy.

The Present

Today, credit repair companies go one-step further, i.e. they help their customers not only straighten their finances at the moment, but also become their guides towards becoming prosperous by generating wealth for the future. The more diversified your services are, the likelier that you will retain a customer even after you have helped them with their credit score and credit report.

How can you help your customer prosper? There are two ways to generate wealth: (1) saving money, and (2) generating additional income.

1.    Saving Money

Teach your customer the power of making a budget and sticking to it. Show how with simple planning one can save more than 30% of the income, which otherwise would have been meaninglessly wasted. Provide resources to your clients that teach them the value of saving and provide as many tips as possible so they can incorporate these into their day-to-day lives. Websites such as can be real revelations in this matter.

2.    Earning Money

This is a little trickier than teaching a client to save money. Saving money involves money that is already there. When you talk about earning money, you have to generate it from external sources. The first thing you have to convince your client of when discussing  creating wealth is that it is possible to earn more than he/ she is at that point in time.

The Future

This is the new role that is gradually emerging for credit repair companies, i.e. financial consultant.

Once a client is convinced that generating more wealth is possible, you need to help them find avenues for this purpose. This means that you should also be knowledgeable of small business ventures.  Ideally, you should guide your client as they start a home based business from scratch.

You need to know the basics well because initially your client will be completely dependent upon your assistance and knowledge. Therefore, you should know which banks offer what types of loans, where to go for the lowest interest business loans, what licenses are needed, what type of taxes need to be paid and so on.

Arm yourself with knowledge and you can better equip your clients to fight for financial stability in the future.

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