Help Single Parents Become Financially Independent

The holiday season is the time to spread joy and be charitable. How does your credit repair company do that? How about launching a special program for single parents? Single parents almost always find themselves hard pressed for time and money. Helping them become financially independent will benefit both the individual, the children and their community as a whole.

How To Go About It?

Be charitable in your idea but not in the approach or execution. As an example, you can implement a free program aimed at helping single parents become financially independent or to increase their income by at least 50% within 6 months. After the initial 6 months of free services, you can offer to continue the services at a greatly reduced rate. If the program is successful you will make an impact in the first six months. Your business will have a very happy customer and a walking advertisement who will be more than happy to share their experience with “that wonderful,caring credit repair company that changed [their] life.”

How Much To Invest In The Program?

Keep the overhead at a minimum. Your time, expertise and sincerity are the most important factors for a successful program and business. You need to identify what talents the individual has by using questionnaires and conversations. Using the identified talents or skills, teach the person how to generate income. The talents and skills should be used to increase their income by 50%.

Perhaps the individual wanted to do something but never had the money to go to college, or take the necessary courses, etc. In such a case, your job would be to assist in the financial aid process, help the person find a scholarship or fund their college or courses, possibly through a fund-raising campaign.

You can always raise the money through donations in order to keep the expenses at the minimum. Place a sign in your business explaining what the program is, display former positive cases with testimonials and a jar/ box so people who come to your business can make a donation towards the program. Collect the money all year long. You can even consider displaying how much has been raised toward the program and setting a goal so that those who donate can see the progress and success of the program. Encourage other businesses in the area to contribute or have them collect donations as well, in exchange for advertising their business as a sponsor of the successful program.

Teaching Long Term Money Management

One of the most critical aspects of your program must be effective money management skills. From the first day of contact that must be a focus of the program. As a credit repair company your first priority is helping people lead financially healthy lives. Teach your program participants about saving money and about smart,calculated investments which can help their money grow for future financial prosperity. Another one of the most important aspects of financial security is saving for emergencies, college and retirement. Teaching these skills will ultimately help them more than just relieving them of financial burdens. Remember the saying ‘you can ‘give’ a man a fish and feed him for a day; or you can ‘teach the man to fish’ and feed him for a lifetime.”

Remain Available Even After Program Completion

Six months will pass soon enough and the more effective the program is- the likelier program participant will become paying customers. Ensure they are aware that your services are offered at a discounted rate after the preliminary participation. With that being said, be realistic about what you ask of your clients. If a participant is still in the same financial bind as when they started despite heading your advice- extend the duration of their free services. Participants must feel their lives are valued more than you business’ bank account.

Offer cash back incentives towards program fees after the 6 months for every full paying client participants refer to your business. If the client opts not to continue the program for whatever reason, give them reassurance that your business will still be there to offer support and they can continue their program participation at any time for the discounted rate. Periodically, send correspondence or call former participants to check on their progress and to inquire if they need any further services.

Ensure your customer that your credit repair company will always be happy to assist them round the clock. Instill in them that they are more than just customers; they are members of your business family and your priority is to see them flourish in financial independence.

Build A Permanent Relationship With Your Customers

The relationship that you build over the course of the one year interaction should be enough to keep this single parent loyal to your credit repair business and encourage them to bring in more clients for your services. If the program is a true success, this single parent could be the means to generate hundreds of leads. Participants would be your word-of-mouth advertisers because of their gratitude. It is far better to be the business that helps for free than the business that gouges their vulnerable potential and existing customers.

Building a successful credit repair business is about more than just turning a profit. The most successful companies are so because they put their customers first and offer services and incentives that exceed their competitors. If your first thought is “what can we do to help this person?” then you are definitely on the right track.

When you stop thinking solely of your bottom line- you will reap financial rewards. Your credit repair business has to be a pillar in your community. A necessary entity that uplifts people at difficult times in their lives.

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