Harness The Law Of Attraction to Gain Wealth – Part II

The best thing about the Law of Attraction is that nothing you desire is impossible. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. The only condition that you need to respect is that you must believe that it will happen. There are many things that can work against your desires and halt their materialization. Some things, like those listed below, may seem trivial but can have quite an effect on the realization of your dreams.

1. Negative thoughts – Let us say, you wish to earn $100,000 annually, however, for the life of you, you cannot see any way or believe that this can happen. Guess what? It will never happen. You need to weed out all the negative thoughts that sprout up in your mind. These negative thoughts attract negative situations thus giving you negative results. For your wish to come true you need to focus and stay focused on the positive. Eliminating negativity is a constant process both for actions and thoughts.

2. Fear – This is another extremely harmful energy while working with the Law of Attraction. There is nothing more negative than fear. Fear, in totality, is the manifestation of thinking of the worst possible outcome. When you feel fear gripping your heart, say about the overwhelming pile of bills – STOP. Chase away the feeling of fear with thoughts of having an abundance of “whatever” you need and the feelings that result from imagining that desire is a realization. Tell yourself, “I will have plenty of money and I will feel happy and accomplished because of it.” Feel this as if it has already happened; and it will happen. It is not in wishing that it will happen where the magic lies; but in the feelings you conjure by feeling as if it already has happened.

3. Thinking of “How” – Do not concern yourself with “How your desire will come about.” This makes you doubt the ability of the Universe to fulfill your wish and when you doubt, you inevitably start thinking that “it might not happen” – and then it will not. The “how” is not supposed to be your focus; you should not worry about it. In fact, once you activate the Law of Attraction in your life you will be amazed at the “how” of the circumstances that fulfill your wish. In most cases, it is nothing short of a miracle; but a miracle that develops right before your eyes in the most “hiding in the open” way.

4. Thinking of Paying Debts Vs Having Plenty of Money –Pay attention that you do not pull in negativity, even in your positive thoughts and actions. Not sure what I mean? Let’s say you are wishing to get money to pay down debts. If your wish is for enough money to pay your debts, the word “debts” can be heard by the Universe as a negative connotation and give you a negative result. This can inadvertently cause to attract more debt. Instead you need to think – “I will have plenty of money.” “I will be able to enjoy the feeling of being rich.” “I am going to have all the money I need and more.”

5. Unwilling giver – The Holy Bible says that God loves a willing or cheerful giver; so does the Universe. Give money, your time, and your help wherever you can. Give as if your source of wealth will never dwindle; and it won’t. Give with an open heart and with pleasure that you could help another person in their time of need. The Universe will pay you back 1000 times over. An unwilling giver will have feelings of resentment for having to give up any type of money, time or possession; and may harvest fear about the money/ wealth finishing, therefore attracting that exact fate. If you give unwillingly, if you do not come forth to help others, the Universe, under the Law of Attraction, will do the same to you.

The Law of Attraction is simply getting back the same energy that you create and place into the world. Be a positive force in all that you say and do and the Universe will send the same energy back to you.

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