Harness The law Of Attraction To Gain Wealth – Part I

Wealth is perhaps the most common ambition among people globally. This desire for wealth raises a few questions. What is the secret to amassing wealth? How do some individuals, who start from humble beginnings, become millionaires while others continue to struggle throughout their lives? What can one do to ensure that their desire for wealth is fulfilled? Many people believe that the answers lie within each of us; that we all have the ability to create our desires into realities.

The Genie Within You

Have you heard of the “Law of Attraction?” Have you ever tried to apply the principles into your life? A best seller book, by Rhona Byrne, titled “The Secret” showcases interviews with a multitude of super-successful, self-made people who have used the “Law of Attraction” to get what they wanted in their life. There is also a movie based on this book, by the same name, which can also be viewed.

Despite their different stories, they all had one thing in common. They all believed that people possess the ability to create their own destinies. They believe that we all carry a metaphorical genie which we can tap into in order to change the course of our lives and achieve success. Those that were interviewed attributed their success to something that complemented the hard work they had also put in. To these people it was really quite that simple.

What You Need To Do

The proverbial genie is waiting for your command and there is nothing too grand to desire. However, in order for the “Law of Attraction” to work, you need to follow a few very basic principles:

1. Believe That It Will Happen – In the book, “The Secret” an experiment is described. A non-believer was told to test the “Law of Attraction” to gain wealth. He was told to imagine something that logically, at that moment in time, did not feel feasible. He was drawing a salary of $8,000 annually.

The non- believer began to wish on earning $100,000 a year. To have such an increase in earned income seemed too far- fetched, however the idea of having that much money thrilled him. He was advised to focus on that feeling of thrill and whenever the slightest thought of doubt crept in, to force his thoughts back on the good feeling and sustain it for as long as possible. Within a year he did earn a $100,000, by selling a book he had written some time before. This goes to show that even a non- believer can utilize these principles and create the same success.

2. Visualize the Desire Realized– Close your eyes and imagine that your wish has already been granted. The visualization aspect of the “Law of Attraction” is an integral part of the process. The visualization of your desire manifested is what will create the feelings necessary to design a path to your desired reality. You must see yourself in the moment of fulfillment. You have to center your mind on the satisfaction this desire will bring your life.

3. Remove All Negative Thoughts – The Universe appears to be fine-tuned to pick up negative vibes. Those negative vibes tend to vibrate or multiply until it causes a wave. Ever notice when one thing goes wrong, many other things seem to fall apart too? If you think that “it” might not happen, “it” won’t. It is as simple as that. Whenever you feel doubtful or find negative thoughts creeping into your mind, chase them away with the feel-good factor. The easiest way is by imagining your desires as already having been realized. It is important to place yourself in that moment of success. Creating and sustaining your feelings is what will propel your desire into reality.

4. Ethics, Morality and Karma – The Karma of the Universe will never work in your favor if you use it for manipulation towards unethical or immoral desires. Harmful or morally corrupt desires will build up bad karma and will eventually destroy the individual.

Achieving success for yourself can be achieved through more than just hard work. Be aware of your desires and focus on making them a reality. Remember that while the “Law of Attraction” is a powerful tool that is recognized by many, they will also tell you that there is still work to be done to achieve your dream.

The “Law of Attraction” works by enabling paths towards success. It is still up to you to take the steps to the end of the road. As we saw with the non- believer who wished himself into a $100,000 payoff, he still had to have written the book and have it published. Karma doesn’t do the physical labor. Karma just opens the world for you to be able to prosper when you do the labor. Those who believe in the “Law of Attraction” believe that these principles can be applied to everything we do. You must exude success in order to attract success.

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