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Credit repair is a business that will always prosper. As long as people spend money, credit repair offers a solution to an epidemic that plagues our society today- the ability to buy things we do not need and cannot afford; with money we do not have and therefore, cannot repay immediately.

This society has turned every individual into a consumerist by default. Today, consumers think nothing of buying on credit or of becoming indebted beyond their immediate capacity to repay. The long term impact that overextending their credit has on their quality of life takes a back burner to the immediate desire of acquiring a possession.

When it comes to operating a successful credit repair business you must identify a wide- spread problem and offer a cost effective, long term solution. Below are some ideas that can help to remold your business into doing just that. Remember, the key is to identify the problem before your client realizes they have it and then offering an immediate solution.

Problems That Need Solutions

1. Indebtedness – It is not that people are not aware that they are entering a vicious cycle; when they use credit beyond their ability to pay back, even if they are hitting rock bottom- they just cannot help themselves.

How can you motivate/ guide/ stop people from entering the debt trap is the solution that is needed in this particular case. Ask clients to watch for behaviors amongst the members of their family and themselves that may indicate that a person may be getting trapped into a debt they cannot handle.

Guide clients into teaching children from a young age the value of money and the importance of earning and saving money. That type of life lesson can be the difference between a healthy member of a consumerist society and a shopaholic on the brink of self destruction with every purchase.

2. Maintaining a high credit score – A large percentage of people who suffer from a low credit score are doing so because they are not really sure of what things impact their credit score. Many have no idea how to obtain a report, let alone what they should do with one.

It is important to teach your clients that small acts of financial indiscipline are translated to irresponsibility and unworthiness of credit by the credit bureaus and financial institutions alike. Make sure your clients are aware of this problem and help them raise and maintain their credit score. Show them how to obtain credits report for free each year and how to space the reports so that they may be aware of new blemishes.

3. Identity theft – Sources say that in 2010, some 8.1 million people in the USA were victims of identity theft; this makes up about roughly 3.5% of the population. Here is a problem that still has no foolproof solution. You could research for one, of course. In the meantime, it may be far better for your clients if you made them aware of the very real impending danger and teach them how to make it as difficult as possible for the hackers to get to their information.
Teach clients how to properly dispose of mail, receipts and other personally identifying information. Your clients must understand that even simple, overlooked dangers loom everywhere. Protecting their financial identity is a 24/ 7 obligation.
Make it clear to your clients that all a hacker may need is for your client to innocently throw away the envelope to a birthday card their mother sent- for them to fall victim to financial ruin. Identity theft is hard to prove and can be devastating to a promising future.

4. Retirement Plans – One of the major worries for every person is how to plan effectively for their future. Many have no knowledge as to how to invest, where to invest and what to invest in. Retirement planning is many times done blindly or ineffectively forcing many out of retirement and back into the workforce in order to survive.
As you teach your clients about repairing their credit, guide them into planning for their future. It is a service that they will appreciate more than the credit repair, even if they are unaware of it now. Look for surveys and websites that can assist you in making the need for retirement planning as clear as possible. Show projected quality of life scenarios in order to get understand the magnitude of this planning.

5. Health insurance and recovery of costs – Health insurance is another major concern in the USA. With the costs of medical care escalating each year, everyone wants to know how they can stay protected and receive the best medical attention. Another major concern is how they will receive medical care when they are of retirement age.
It is imperative to help your clients plan effectively. It is a futile fight to get your clients out of debt, only to have them live miserably because of poor planning in the other areas of their lives.
Use your business website to provide calculators and planning guides for their current medical costs as well as projected healthcare costs in the future. By providing these types of services for free on your website, you may find that free website traffic has converted to actual paying clients.

6. Best Investment Plans for the Novice – The average Joe knows next to nothing about how to go about making good high-return investments. Jane and John Doe are also too skeptical of the ethical standards of financial firms/ professionals to really consult with them on how to make a sound investment.

What does this mean for your business? A well placed opportunity. A well designed and explanatory tool that guides users on what investments are, how to make sound investments with reputable firms, how to actually perform research about stocks, firms etc. will go a long way to making your business indispensable. Clients must instinctively think of your business when any financial matter arises.

Building your business is a work in constant progress. There will always be someone somewhere waiting to take your clients and show them everything you forgot your client needed. Being a leader in credit repair is as simple as staying on top of current trends and providing the much needed information.

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