Do You Want To Have Higher Conversions? 7 Ways to Do Just That

The secret to success in business is a high turnover meaning you are making a profit through your efforts. Are you selling enough to enjoy significant profits? Are you growing fast enough? Would you like to know the secret to selling more, faster? You will be surprised to find out that it is not an earth-shaking secret. Here are 7 things that will nudge you into the big leagues:

1. Offer time-limited super value deals – Super valuable deals are very tempting; and if they have a time limit it will compel the visitor to take advantage of it quickly. However, it will have to be of real value. Consumers today are well aware of the tricks and marketing ploys used in advertisements and promotional offers. Steer clear of bait and switch tactics. Offer exactly what you are willing to give. This will build your credibility and encourage clients to praise and recommend your business. Do not push more expensive paid services to a customer who is already facing financial hardships. This will almost always backfire. Clients want to know their best interest comes before your bottom line.

2. Offer a valuable service/ product sample for free– Everyone loves a bargain. People love knowing they have come across something that gives them a superior value over anything else in the similar range. They will not only avail of these services/ products, but will also promote it among their loved ones and everyone else they know. A happy customer is your best marketer – and they do it for free!!

3. Offer more than a money-back guarantee – One water-filter brand really proved a very important point when they advertised that they would pay $1 million to anyone who could find a better water-filter than theirs. As no one come forth to claim the money, this became the most visible and effective method to confirm that their brand was the best.

This strategy proved that they were confident in their product and served to outdo their competition. While you may not be at a point where you can make such an expensive promise- you can make a more modest guarantee. Offer to match or beat competitor’s prices for comparable services or offer a gift card incentive for the difference of advertised prices.

4. Offer low interest rates for debt consolidation– As a credit repair company you know very well that most people who come for these types of services are in a financial bind of enormous proportions. Offering the best rates for debt consolidation, compared to other businesses in your area, is one of the noblest efforts to help potential clients. Offering such a deal will show your clients that you care about their success with credit repair.

5. Offer free consultation and counseling – For the majority of businesses, offering freebies and incentives will result in the best conversion rates. The best incentives are ones that are useful to the client. In terms of your credit repair business the best incentive service is debt management consultations. This will not only teach your visitors to negotiate loans more effectively but it will also give them a glimpse of the scope of services they can take advantage of when they use your business.

Ensure that the consultation is exceptionally informative. Do not compromise the quality just because the client isn’t initially paying for the service. The better the service the likelier the client is to recommend your business to others.

6. Appoint affiliates – Your business can grow exponentially with and through your affiliates. They will promote your business and services to their website visitors, email lists and newsletter subscribers, backed by their word that your business is professional and receives their ‘seal of approval.’ Depending on their credibility and following, affiliates can grow a business’s exposure exponentially.

When you launch your affiliate program, ensure that you offer exceptional tools for your affiliates to be able to promote your business and so they are motivated to consistently showcase your business. A great way to ensure that you get proper promotion is through offering a competitive compensation and by always paying your affiliates on time. Happy, well paid affiliates make for better promoters.

7. Stay new – Ensure that you offer something new every now and then for your affiliates to promote. If not something new, something in a new style. People do not like stagnation; it gives the impression that promoting your business is not a priority for you. Ensure that you stay new so there is always something fresh to discover about your business. Make sure to consistently and regularly update social networks and your business website. Stay on top new market trends and incorporate innovative ideas into promoting and in the services you offer your clients.

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