Do Not Let Your Competition Steal Your Customers – 5 Tips That Will Keep Them Loyal

You struggled hard to get each one of your customers and it would be a terrible thing if they defect to your competition anytime. There are ways to ensure that your hard-won customers do not leave your business to engage with your competitors. Check out these simple tips that will ensure your customers stay loyal to and continue to utilize your business services both now and in the future:

1.    Show Them They Matter To You – After every sale ask them for feedback and suggestions to make the experience a more pleasant and comfortable one for them in the future. Try adding a little extra whenever you are engaging with new and old clients. For example, springing a 5% surprise discount would make a follower out of the hardest-to-please customers. You can have other unadvertised included services/ special prizes/ gifts attached to these sales which will leave the customer immensely pleased. When receiving feedback and/ or suggestions do not take a defense stance as this will make the client reluctant to provide feedback in the future, if they choose to do business with you again. A client wants to feel as if they are being taken seriously and that their concerns are a vital part of the way you do business.

2.    Have a human contact 24×7 (if possible) for complaints and inquiries – No matter how good your auto-response system is, it is very important that your customer can reach a human being when they have a complaint or inquiry. When they are able to reach a human being, most people feel re-assured and happy to proceed with making a purchase. Computers are frustrating when you want to complain about something or express a concern. Take each client seriously and they will take your business seriously. When it comes to a business that provides services a good motto to implement is “the customer is always right.” Most people are much more receptive when the business they deal with is flexible and understanding.

3.    Stay In Touch – Ask for their birth/ anniversary date and send them a simple greeting card or promotional gift on those days. It is a sweet gesture that will warm the hearts of most people and help them bond with your business. You can also stay in touch by sending a monthly/ weekly newsletter. This should be of the highest quality, be informative and also entertaining so people will look forward to receiving and reading it. If this is provided electronically via email or social networks, it will often be “shared” and provide your business with quality word of mouth promotion.

4.    Have A Loyal Customer Discount/ Special Offer – Announce that any customer that buys or uses your services a certain/ predetermined number of times, will be entitled to a special discount on all subsequent purchases/ orders. This will ensure two things: (i) that the customer will be encouraged to come back often to activate this great offer; and (ii) that once he reached the ‘discount eligibility’ he will have little incentive to engage with the competition. It is important, therefore, that you do not make the discount eligibility status too difficult to reach.

5.    Provide Attractive Rewards For Referrals – Another exceptional way to ensure that your customers stay loyal to your business and help it grow is by offering rewards for referrals. The rewards should be dual, i.e. both for the referred person and the person who is referring. In this way both benefit of discounts or rewards and both will be interested in continuing to do business with you in order to avail of the discounts. To make it more attractive, you can have different levels of discounts depending on the number of referrals provided. Say, for 5 referrals you offer a certain reward/ discount, for 15 a higher one, and for 50 a huge one. Keep your customers motivated to work for you and to stay with your business in the long run.

Incorporate one or a combination of any of the above tips and you will ensure that your customers will stay loyal to you for life. Always stay informed of what your competition is offering and offer to match or beat advertised or written quoted pricing. Always listen to the needs of the market and of your clients and you will be sure to beat your competition at every turn.

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