Creative Ways To Promote Your Business Cost-Effectively

Promoting your business can cost you a good chunk of your profit. However, with that being said, as a business professional you know it is money well invested. Without promotion your business will likely not be able to grow at the pace needed for true business success. Therefore, constant, quality promotion is important for generating better profits. It is a fallacy, however, to think that great business promotion methods need to be expensive. Some of the best methods are creative and very cost conscience.

1. List your business in the local directories – There are many local business directories which will list your company for free or nearly free. It is important to find directories that will cater to your local customer demographic as well as steer people to your website. Use those directories and ensure that your credit repair business gets the recognition it needs. Check out and to start getting your business listed. can also be a great place to list/ advertise your business and services. Having your business classified by geography will attract many inquiries locally and broaden your customer base in no time.

2. Contact the local high schools, colleges and social service agencies – Get in touch with the administration and offer to counsel and guide individuals on matters regarding finance management, debt, credit cards, etc. Offer these talks/ counseling sessions for free. Eventually you could volunteer a few hours per week for this purpose rotating among the various local institutions. This is a great way to build a relationship with potential clients who will undoubtedly have financial questions in the future. Being of service to them while they may not need your services will encourage them to seek your advice when they actually do need them. You can make meaningful connections with potential clients among the students, faculty and parents.

3. SEO your website and blog – You cannot imagine how important it is to have your website pop up in the results page when relevant keywords are searched. Very often you will lose potential business only because you were not visible at the right time to the right person. It is super important that you look carefully at the design and content of your website and ensure that it is perfectly SEO-ed. Remember, SEO is not something permanent as the algorithms of search spiders keep changing all the time; hence, you need to invest in keeping your website SEO-ed periodically. As the content on your site changes, be sure to update keywords.

4. FaceBook Ads – Make no mistake here, FaceBook is the king of online social networking media- reaching billions of people worldwide and growing at an amazing pace. An ad placed on FaceBook works to spread awareness of your business quicker than many other sources available. It is not very expensive, but for the cost, it is super effective. Many businesses have been overwhelmed with the response of just one advertisement written appropriately for Facebook. Keep at it and ensure that your business becomes a household name through FaceBook. Facebook Ads work so well because they are usually tied to Facebook fan pages and direct business websites. The ads are displayed alongside Facebooks timeline feed and are triggered by keywords used in the posts made by users of the social network.

5. Radio and podcasting – Radio is making a great comeback. There are many ways to take advantage of that comeback. Consider hosting your own show on credit repair, running advertising on relevant shows or a show geared towards your potential demographic or even recording informational podcasts which can be listened to at anytime. Many consumers multitask by gathering their information through auditory means instead of just reading material. They listen on their way to work, while doing other tasks etc. Getting your information out there is key and the best way to accomplish that is by being a regular force in this type of media.

6. Videos on YouTube – Do you know what works even better than radio or podcasts? Videos! Some people simply don’t have the time, patience or desire to read and many more people are just visual by nature. They prefer to see things than to read or hear about things. For this reason sites such as have become staples in internet usage. and sites such as this made it easier than ever to put your information out there. Create informative videos which will be hosted on and can be linked to your website. The more videos are posted the better your following will be. Be sure to frequently update videos and to take down any that are no longer relevant.

Promoting your business does not have to burden your bottom line. Due to the internet, promoting your business can be done at a fraction of what it used to cost with much better results.

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