Contest – As a Means to Marketing

The other day I was reading a very interesting article, by a friend who successfully established and ran a profitable e-business. The beautiful thing about his success is that he knew nothing about the Internet or e-business before he plunged into this venture.

He had to walk this path because he was among the many casualties of the recent Recession. At the time, he had just gotten married and he and his wife were expecting a child, so he had no time to lament or go into a depression. Which brings us to one very important conclusion: success comes to those who bulldoze their way through it.  If you have contingency plans, you give yourself a chance to fail.

Contest – A Novel Tool for Marketing
This friend introduced me to a new way of marketing your business. The best part is that it costs very little to nothing and has amazing results. Here is how to get started:

1.    Get hold of a great product that concerns your line of business and promote as an affiliate. In credit repair, it could be software for example.  Ensure that you have used it personally and found it valuable. This is important, in fact, vital to the success of the campaign.

2.    Contact the product owner/ creator and request a sample copy. In case that is not possible, request a subsidy that you could offer your readers/ followers/ clients. In case, this also does not work out, buy a few additional copies that you could give away.

3.    Announce a contest on your blog. You could announce it on your website, too but blogs works best because you need people’s participation. Consumer feedback seems to be easiest to get through a blog, where you have the platform ready for receiving comments.

4.    Announce eligibility requirements for the contest. In order to enter the contest, the person should leave a comment on how such a product would benefit them. Have a link to the product that would connect them to the affiliate-landing page of the product.

5.    Announce the prize. The prize for the best comment could be a free copy of the product.

This marketing tool is superb because it promotes itself without you selling anything. People will appreciate you for introducing them to a great product. Remember you are not solely promoting this product; other people are encouraged to do that through their comments. In the end, you will find many people will buy this product because they trust the comments other people left about it.

This is why you should be 100% sure that you only recommend great products as word of mouth can make or break a business. You may be surprised how fast word spreads that your site holds contests and everyone can try great products for free. From this point on, satisfied readers, present clients and prospective clients, will promote your website too. As a bonus, you will be able to generate a targeted email list for future contests, newsletters and promotional flyers.
Watch your reputation, brand and profits grow!

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