The Benefits of ECRA Membership

#1 – Client Management System (CMS)

CMS is a multi-user credit repair software and client management system that automates your entire Credit Repair process. Unlike other dispute mill software, it’s a system that runs your company.

It gives you a snapshot of your entire company status, as well as each of your individual clients. 

You can create monthly follow up letters in a matter of seconds, allowing you to spend more time marketing your service and less time on administrative tasks.

#2 – Client and Broker Gateways

Differentiate YOUR company by providing real-time access to account information, including their progress and status. The online gateway is an online based nucleus for your clients and partners/affiliates to log into and check their progress.

They have real-time access to account information including their progress and status. Your partners can also submit their client’s right through the gateway.

In addition to differentiating your company by providing that access, you will be reducing your overhead cost of providing help desk services and customer care.

Both your gateways can be personalized with your contact info and logos, so to your clients and partners it will look like your own.

#3 – Client Retention

Part of your membership in the Ethical Credit Repair Alliance (ECRA) includes numerous tools to help you retain your clients!

Tools such as:

  • A monthly personalized “Credit & Life” Newsletter (to post on your website or send by mail)
  • A complimentary Financial Mastery exclusive membership for your clients at,
  • A self-serve Client Gateway
  • Vacation certificates

#4 – Marketing

We’re told by our members that one huge tool to attract partners and affiliates is access to our Broker Gateway. We also provide you with pre-made and designed marketing materials to help you sell your services.

Marketing videos and presentations are also part of your membership. In addition we conduct regular training sessions on attracting clients and partners.

Your business also gets listed in our consumer Directory – The consumer ECRA site is on page 1 of Google and has prominent visibility.

#5 – Industry Credibility

In the credit repair business, perhaps more so than in any other business, Credibility is absolutely CRUCIAL!

When you join the ECRA you will enhance your credibility in the eyes of your potential clients in a great many ways, including …

  • You’ll be given an "ECRA Membership Certificate" to display prominently on your wall, in full view of your clients — just like other professionals such as doctors, lawyers etc. 
  • You’ll have earned the right to display the "ECRA Member Logo" on your business cards, letterhead, marketing materials, ads, and web site. 
  • Your clients will see you prominently displayed on the Consumer Watchdog site as a member of an organization that is committed to the promotion of ethical practices in the industry — and they will be more inclined to hire YOUR services over those of your competitors!
  • You’ll even be given you own Company Webpageon the ECRA Public websites, to promote your business.

#6 – Community

As a member of the ECRA, you will be a part of our community of Ethical and Responsible Professionals.

You will have access to our support staff for any issues, concerns, assistance, and help, as well as a vibrant forum where professionals such as yourself help each other and share ideas, tools, and answer questions, etc….

#7 – Tools to build your business

Every business, big or small, needs tools to operate and grow. ECRA provides its members with a full complimentary tool kit, including – but not limited to…

  • A personalized newsletter to stay in touch with your clients on a monthly basis
  • Access to our Seminar Service, so you can conduct your OWN seminars
  • Vacation and incentive certificates to attract clients and partners, merchant acceptance services…
  • Pre-made presentations and Videos to attract clients and partner

#8 – Education, Compliance & Coaching

Being a professional, you value continued education. In addition to the vast coaching sessions already in the membership site, we conduct seminars twice a month on a vast array of topics, such as marketing & retention, compliance, business processes, contracts, new techniques, laws, corporate structures, and any topic requested by our members.

#9 – Support

We’re a member driven community and believe that supporting you helps spread the good word about our industry. We provide you support for the tools we offer, the CMS software, general business questions, and Credit Repair specific issues.

Plus, since we’re member driven, any enhancements or services requested, we do our best to add to the membership at no additional cost.  Many of the enhancements to our software were requested by our members. We continually add enhancements to our CMS software.

We may not have the "Best" software with the most bells and whistles — but we’re getting there with the help of our community!

#10 – Additional Revenues per Client

We believe that as a Credit Repair Professional you get to change lives. As such we’re always bringing onboard additional partners/services that your clients need, and for which you can get paid; services such as…

  • Secured credit cards
  • Loan Modifications
  • Debt Settlement

We’re constantly adding new revenue generating services for you. We believe in maximizing your opportunities of revenues per client.


Your Own Virtual Assistant(s)

Need to add employees so you can focus on the revenue generating part of your business, rather than the mundane non-income producing tasks?

Most businesses do. But the problem is that the cost of doing so can be prohibitive.

But NOT for ECRA members!

We can provide you with half-time or full-time employees who are trained in Credit Repair and the CMS software. You can also use your assistant to run just about any part of your business! — support services, making/taking calls, following up with your clients, assisting you with personal tasks, etc. — for a VERY LOW ECRA member discounted fee (below the price charged the public)

Services are provided by our sister company at You’ll pay much less than minimum wage for a College educated assistant! 

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