A Good Landing Page – 5 Things That Will Increase Business

Whether you have a blog or a website, you may already be aware of how important an effective landing page is for the business. The landing page is often the “first impression” a potential customer has of your business or the services you offer. The point here is how can you get a good landing page to become a great landing page which can get your business to increase. Here are 5 very important aspects that will enhance the effectiveness of your landing page.

1. Decide what you want your landing page to show– Many people are undecided about the purpose of the landing page or want too much out of it and hence, dilute its impact. For a landing page to be effective it needs to have only ONE focus and ONE call to action. Decide what that one point or agenda is and stick to it. A landing page should do one of the following:
a. Direct your visitor to another page
b. Compel a visitor to buy
c. Get the visitor to give you his email address and/ or other pertinent information for your list
d. Get the visitor to share the information from your site with friends
e. Get the visitor to comment or give feedback on your site, company or services

2. Design for action– Once you decide the landing pages’ objective, you need to choose an appropriate design for the landing page so the visitor is compelled to remain on your site. Your landing page should ask for some sort of action. In other words, your aim is not only to attract traffic; but traffic that also takes some kind of action, i.e. leaving feedback, joining a mailing list or forwarding information to friends and/ or family.

3. Pay attention to the fundamentals of a landing page– The landing page is all about response-oriented writing. Keep to the fundamentals and you will always design an effective landing page:
a. Create engaging headlines
b. Use simple and topic specific language
c. Always put benefits of the visitor BEFORE the features you offer
d. Show indisputable proof
e. Direct the visitor to take action NOW
f. Offer a clear and confident guarantee

4. Use appropriate tools– You might be or have a decent copy writer for your website content . However, the crucial point here is to get a great writer that will add value to both your site and the content you provide. Use the right tools and you will be able to work smarter, which almost always beats working harder. Check out the PREMISE software for landing pages that WordPress offers. It is superb. It is able to combine headlines to action with one click of the mouse.

5. Pay attention to the 5 Ps– Most people, accustomed to older teaching methods, rely on the AIDA method: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. This is good, no doubt, but what we are looking for here is how to make a good landing page into a great landing page. The “PREMISE” is the keyword here, which is coincidentally the same name given to the WordPress landing page software.

a. Premise – Start with an inviting proposition (premise) that totally supports a particular conclusion. This is the mental and emotional hook that captures the attention of your visitor and holds their attention throughout the landing page until he takes the desired action.
b. Promise – You are offering something he wants. Promise that this is exactly what they are looking for and what they need.
c. Picture – Fire up their imagination with pictures. Use words that amplify that picture in their mind until they can see the action happening for them.
d. Proof – Reaffirm the possibility shown in the picture by showing indisputable proof. This is often the deciding factor for consumers.
e. Push – Call for immediate action, which, if done correctly, is inevitable by this point. You just show your visitor where to click, and the customer should be eager to do just that.

Once you have a great landing page, all the traffic you generate will be compelled to take the action you want it to take – creating more business and in turn more profits.

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