7 Ways To Add Value To The Services You Offer Your Clients

What encourages clients to hire your agency? Other than credit repair– a service which thousands of other agencies offer, here are 7 services that can persuade a client to choose your agency and convince them to remain with your agency for a lifetime:

1.    Customize services – People like to feel special. You should refrain from using statements such as, “I know exactly what your problem is. We handle this same situation every day.” Instead say, “Our agency is dedicated  to customizing solutions for each individual client.  We seek to ensure our resolution will resolve your financial issues now and prevent repeat crisis in the future.” The first statement will make your client feel like a statistic and as a “lost face in the crowd”; the second will make the client feel as a valued individual customer. Being treated as an individual will encourage your client to recommend your agency to others even if their situation is quite different from your present clients.

2.    Offer extra services – One of the secrets to retaining customers long term is making yourself invaluable and irreplaceable in their financial lives. For example, offer services such as alerts for bill payments so they are able to make their payments on time. Offer to help them negotiate with banks and credit card companies for better rates, better offers, and/ or better terms.  Whenever your client thinks of financial matters, they should instinctively think of your agency.

3.    Keep your client informed about trends in the market – Whether it is the stock market, the real estate market or any other finance related industry, your agency should be the first one to make your client aware of the fluctuations. Stay on top of all financial trends so your agency  can always be in a position to offer informed advice to your clients. When clients call with concerns or questions you should be ready with resolutions and information.

4.    Help your client save – Offer budgeting services where you design customized plans that cover monthly expenses, long term savings, mortgage plans, etc. People are universally  concerned and overwhelmed by the thought of drawing up a budget and then restricting themselves to said budget. In your role as a financial adviser and credit repair agency, help your clients budget, save and invest for maximum returns. Introduce the topic of savings in a way that limits a clients fears of having to deprive themselves now in order to be financially secure in the future.

5.    Guide your client on retirement plans – This is one topic that is often neglected until it is too late. Advise your clients on the best options to maximize their Social Security benefits and retirement savings. Educate them as to how much and where to invest in order to get the highest returns for their retirement. There is plenty to research here – assisted living, medical senior homes, and so on. This helps teach your clients that your agency is concerned with not only their financial situations now but also their prospective financial future.

6.    Offer tax filing advice and guidance – Tax filing and savings is a  financial matter that causes apprehension in many people. Offer to guide your client on the best tax filing procedures as well as financially responsible ways to invest or save tax refunds. Show them in “black and white” what their small investments, year after year, can amount to for long term financial goals.

7.    Offer a guide to cash back/ discount coupons/ savings –  One of the most attractive services you can offer is effortless concrete savings. Have someone put together a guide- monthly, quarterly or annually with savings and discount offers on everything imaginable. This can range from grocery coupons, hotel and restaurant cash back/ discounts, the best reward credit cards, gas discounts, etc. This is a service that will enable your client to save money with most of the legwork already done for them.

In order for your business to sustain in an ever- expanding market, you must distinguish yourself from the rest of the agencies providing the same basic services. In order to do that, your agency must provide services that go above and beyond the traditional credit repair agency services. Your agency must become an intricate part of your clients lives by providing services which make you indispensable.

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