7 Supercharged Ways to Increase Your Sales

You need to constantly boost your credit repair business sales in order to increase your profits. This remains a challenge to many small and medium businesses because of the cost and time factor needed to execute this part of business effectively. However, if you use innovation and a little imagination, you will be able to boost your sales exponentially with little or no money spent at all. Check out these remarkably effective ways to boost your sales:

1. Use The Holidays To Draw In Visitors – The holiday season is a time when people love to offer gifts. Introduce free e-greetings that can be coupled with gifts of services, products at discounted rates (to the visitor). Hence, the visitor gains double – they could offer a great gift to a friend who they know will benefit for the holiday and also enjoy the value of a discount. The greater the value and discount, the likelier they buyer will recommend the offer to their friends and family.

2. Start Giving Free Webinars On Credit Repair – There are 1001 aspects on credit repair that require awareness and thorough easy, to understand information in a format that is easily accessible o the masses. Make a list of these topics and launch a series of free webinars for all who would be interested. Allow a free consultation to anyone who participates at these free webinars. This is an excellent way to draw people in to buy your services/ products.

3. Offer Free Consultation In Return Of Advertisements – Get other businesses to post your ad on their site in return for a free consultation offer to their visitors. By allowing them to use your services as a freebie on their site, you will attract plenty of new targeted leads that will generate sales. Depending on the business, you could offer to do the same for them, creating a business partnership where both sides benefit tremendously.

4. Offer Loyalty Bonus – Announce that anyone who pays a certain amount within 3/ 6/ 12 months will have the privilege to introduce 1 or 2 friends to avail of a discount of 50% (or whatever you think appropriate) on all services (first one/ two orders). This is another excellent way to ensure that people buy from you and recommend your services as well. You could use an increasing scale depending on the number of services and referrals the person makes.

5. Offer A Daily Fun Page – This may take time and effort to set up and keep going but it is well worth the effort. Put together a comic strip, jokes, puzzles, news page, etc., and invite your visitors to check it out at regular intervals. Ensure that your advertisements are prominent but not interfering with the fun you are offering. If you manage a good one, you will be able to draw in leads virally and hold them through repetitive advertising for your business. Offer other businesses the opportunity to post advertisements in exchange for promoting of the page. You can even ask that the general public offer submissions as well in exchange for promoting the page. This is a great way to build the page. Reach out to writing or art schools for student submissions that will not cost your business any money.

6. Periodic Prizes/ Bonuses – Hold sweepstakes that offer valuable prizes and bonuses. The pre-requisite for the participation should be either introducing 2-5 people interested in the credit repair services you offer or a certain amount of cash spent on services. Hence, you will have to choose the winners from among the people who are already your customers and/or those who work for you by providing you with leads. If you choose to include those who make referrals, offer the referred potential client the same deal if they also refer others.

7. Always Give Something Valuable As Extra – People love valuable extras. It also makes them feel connected to you. If they like what they get for free, they will definitely come back and also recommend your site to one and all who need the credit repair services you are offering. The key component of this is offering things that people find valuable and that they will use over and over again. Offer things such as mugs, stationary, calendars etc. The more often the person has to use or see the item you have given- the more you stay on their minds.

Increasing your sales does not have to break your bank. Be creative and explore new ideas. If you find that one idea isn’t working or your business or your current market- do not be afraid to delve into anew one. The world of business is always changing. The way to stay ahead is by changing with the times.

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