7 Steps to Promote Your Credit Repair Business through Social Media

Internet and virtual marketing is one of the most powerful media available today for small and large businesses alike. There is an equalizing factor that encourages this type of marketing to all small entrepreneurs. Among the leading avenues for online promotion is the social media network. There are many excellent social media networking sites. Among some of the most popular (and with highest membership counts across the world) are:

FaceBook.com – http://www.facebook.com/ – Largest social network in the world
LinkedIn.com – http://www.linkedin.com/ – Leading business and professional network
Twitter.com – http://www.twitter.com/ – Leading micro-blogging social network
YouTube.com – http://www.youtube.com/ – Most popular social video site on the Net
StumbleUpon.com – http://www.youtube.com/ – One of the most refreshing sites for it has listing of new and interesting websites on various subjects
Digg.com – http://www.digg.com/ – Very popular website that posts summarized/ edited currently relevant news

Now that you have a good idea about what is available on the internet for online promotion of your credit repair business, draw out a plan that will have your business promoted all throughout the globe with the help of these social media networks.

7 Steps to Popularity and Profits

Step 1
Get a business page (otherwise known as a “Fan Page”) on FaceBook. Connect your personal profile, your blog and website with the Fan Page. Ensure that the URL is shortened to reflect best the name of your credit repair business. Start posting and updating daily or at regular intervals.

Step 2
Create a LinkedIn account. Ensure that you fill in all the required fields on your profile. Connect the LinkedIn profile with your blog, website and FaceBook Fan Page.

Step 3
Start networking within these social media virtual spaces. Search or make groups that are related to credit repair, finance, investments and join such groups. Invite all those friends, peers, related experts etc., to these networks.

Step 4
Subscribe to the relevant “answers” categories in LinkedIn and stay active there.

Step 5
Open an account with Twitter using your credit repair business name. Put your business biodata on Twitter and fill in the profile pages. Identify experts in your field and follow them on Twitter. Connect Twitter to FaceBook so updating is automatic.

Step 6
Open an account on Digg but do not use your business name here; it is better that you have a proxy-name. Connect with people who post the most interesting news. You too can post articles/ news/ blog posts etc., which you think are interesting.

Step 7
Create an account with StumbleUpon and download the toolbar. Identify categories that are relevant to credit repair and vote for sites you ‘like’ or ‘dislike’.

Now that you have put your business on some of the most popular social media networks ensure that you keep them updated. Also, ensure that all your present clients, friends and business associates are aware of your presence on these social networking media sites. This is vital for your success in online marketing. Online marketing is best done virally, meaning it is spread from person to person using a “recommend or share” feature.

In other words, when a fan of your page finds stuff interesting on your business site, they will forward/ recommend it to their friends, who would in turn forward/ recommend it to their friends promoting your business through networking.

Networking has long been known to be the catalyst that helps a business endure, now with social networking sites your business is no longer limited by geography in order to be successful or effective. Your business now has the potential for global exposure.

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