7 Steps to Outdoing the Competition

If you own a business- you already know that a key to success is beating out your competition. You must be a leader and an innovator in your field to stand out among the sea of businesses in your field. Create a simple plan of action and follow it. The sooner you implement concrete strategies to support the goals of your business the sooner you will be able to capture new clients and make more money.

Where do you start? Here are 7 Steps that will help you stand out among your competition, show your clients and potential clients that you are a leader in the field and help your business grow to new financial success:

1. Affordability and Competitive Pricing – Research the cost of your services among those of your competition. Compare the services offered for the price and see where your business falls in. Do you offer fewer services for more money? Do you offer more services for less money?

When pricing your services it is important to keep your overhead costs in mind, however, it is also important to keep in mind that most people will choose lower prices over most anything else- especially when it concerns financial matters. Check out whether you can lower your price for the most in demand services in the market or at least offer clients the option to price matches for a competitors advertised or website posted pricing.

When you offer a slightly lower price for comparable services, more often than not the customer will choose you over the competition. If you cannot lower your prices, you should consider offering alternatives to the price difference.

Offer clients the option to make payments on the difference of a competitor’s price or for the entire cost of your services. You can also offer some free services or tools such as access to eBooks or website membership only services. The more innovative and creative you are the better your conversions will be. Keep in mind that it is far better to have a hundred clients pay $5 for a service than to offer your services for $100 and have no one purchase the service.

2. Benefits – Can you add a little more to your products and services than your competition? Can you ensure that the clients get not only value for their money but also a bit extra so they feel as if they have gotten a better deal than they would have anywhere else? Very often this little extra that you are offering to your client will hold the client loyal to you and compel them to refer their friends to your services. People are grateful; and when they get something extra without asking they remember it for a long time.

3. Quality – Do not be fooled into thinking that cutting corners will actually turn into greater profits. On the contrary, this type of strategy can often leave clients feeling as if they have been cheated or are getting substandard service from your business compared to what they would get from your competition. Instead, ensure that you deliver 100% quality work. Let your company be known for its excellence in delivery of any type of service or product. Quality is very important for the client will trust your professionalism and your expertise in the field.

4. Performance – Can your business do it better? Faster? More thoroughly? If yes, then do it. Credit repair is a slow process, but there are many ways to get results much faster than your competition. Just be sure that you do not sacrifice quality for speed.

5. Customer Service – Are you able to make your customer feel as if they are your one and only client? People with financial issues may come to you worried, worn out, frustrated and stressed. A key part of your businesses success is calming those feelings in your clients with appropriate services. Customer service is not always about the services; it is also the art of making the client feel that they are the sole purpose of your existence- make them feel special; make them feel valued.

6. 24×7 Contact – Credit repair might not always need round the clock contact, but this is an exceptional service that many people love and want available even if they do not use it regularly. Have someone available to respond to client emails, have someone answer hotlines and have them be live to interact with visitors of chats. Contact with a human being when you are troubled is priceless and is a service that your clients will appreciate.

7. Counseling Hotline – Have a hotline set up for counseling. People affected by bad credit often find themselves depressed, worried, desperate for advice and often very low on cash. A free counseling hotline would allow you to target and service those who need it the most for a price and convenience they need and set you aside from your competition.

As you can see setting yourself apart from the competition is not as difficult as it may seem. Be confident in your services and offer superiority over your bottom line. Your clients will appreciation will result in financial success.

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