5 Ways To Make $20 A Day Every Day

I can bet that the title to this article has intrigued you to read further. It paints a beautiful picture of perennial income. As a credit repair agency and financial advisor, your most important role is to help your client financially succeed in the various areas of their lives– savings, investments, credit score, his time, retirement plans, career and so on.  When you help your client earn more, you enhance their capacity to buy more, save more, and live better. Entrepreneurship should be one of the most important lessons you give your client. Entrepreneurship enables your client to keep their current employment while possibly creating a business that can eventually generate a handsome second or primary source of income.

There are various ways to make money and enhance your monthly income. Making $20 per day may not seem like a big financial difference– however, when you are able to earn that much every day, it can amount to quite a difference in your budget– for the better. Here are 5 easy ways to earn $20 every day online with little to no investment:

1.    Become a freelance article writer – Are you good with words? You can start your freelance writing career on Elance.com, Rentacoder.com, oDesk.com, Constant-Content.com, Hubpages.com, AssociatedContent.com and the like. As a newbie you will have to quote about $3-$5 per 500 word article, but with consistent quality work you may find a niche where you can write articles for $15-$20 per article. Those who are college/ university graduates can also look up the academic writing/ technical writing forums where the pay is higher.

2.    Have an online garage sale– Take inventory of personal property that you do not need around your home and put it up for sale on the Net. This will not earn $20 every day, but it will help you earn a profit while at the same time allowing you to rid your home of items you no longer have use for.

3.    Sell an info-product– Write an e-book on whatever you feel you are a master at and sell it. The average e-book of about 50 pages (15000 words) can be sold for $10-$20. This could bring in a considerable residual income for years.

4.    Sell services online– Become a freelance consultant in whatever field you are good at. Accounting, taxes, secretarial work, typing, teaching a foreign language, cooking, crafts, science projects etc…- the possibilities are endless. Offer your services online and you can easily make $20-$100 daily for a few extra hours of work.

5.    Set up an online shop for your handmade craft items – Sites such as eBay, Amazon, and many others, offer you a “shop” on their website where you can showcase your wares and sell them to interested customers. They normally charge nothing for the display, but charge a small commission for every sale. In return for the commission, they take care of the marketing and visibility of your “shop.”  This is a very good business deal because if you do not make a sale you do not owe any money; as opposed to having a physical shop where rent is due regardless of whether you turn a profit or not. By using these online “shops” you can very well earn more than $20 a day.

There are many other ways to earn a little extra income. Consider writing a newsletter that has a column researching and reviewing such money making opportunities. You can also run a blog on this topic where readers can discuss, advise and comment on various opportunities. With some blog/ newsletter sites you also have the option of running integrated ads that can generate income as readers click on them. A newsletter or blog creates a wonderful window for growing your opt-in list plus the satisfaction of knowing you are indeed nurturing and helping your clients towards prosperity.

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