5 Simple Tricks That Will Boost Your Sales

As a small credit repair business you will always be on the lookout for some way or other way to increase your sales and to generate new leads. While it is true that this involves a lot of effort, time and often money, you will find shortcuts that will boost your sales with almost no effort at all. You will, usually, either have money or time when you want to boost your sales.

If you have money, invest in the best possible advertising campaigns on a short term basis until you see which work best and bring in the most new clients. Be very careful when investing money in campaigns as these costs can quickly eat into your profits and thus can be counterproductive for your business.

If you do not have money and instead plan to invest your time, research on the internet and put together all the shortcuts you can find for enhancing your sales. This takes time and effort but no money and hence, suits most small credit repair businesses. Here are a few of these tricks that work wonders for your sales:

1. Send Beautiful Interactive Greeting Cards/ Calendars – During the holidays send your customers an exceptionally well-coordinated e-calendar or e-greeting card. Design it so that it can be used as a screen saver for their laptop and/or phone. You may also give them the possibility to insert their own photographs and/or that of their families. If it is well designed and useful, your customers will appreciate the gesture and visit your website and/ or recommend others to it. Either way, this is a great way to have your business present in the minds of clients. Do not make it overly promotional as this may backfire. The best way to utilize this tool is by having it be more personal and useful to the client.

2. Advertise Your Credit Repair Business On Your Favorite Social Media Platforms – This is one sure way to get hoards of traffic to your website. Announce a well-sought-after product or service that is offered by your business on your company social network profile and watch people flock in to check out whether they could avail of this benefit or not. The social network media platform can soon become a highway that directs traffic to your website consistently. Often those who like what they see on these sites “share” the information, directing their friends to it and forming a viral promotional chain that will generate an avalanche of leads for you.

3. Say It With A Picture – A picture is always faster to register than words. Use something that touches a person’s heart (who has low credit score) and do it with a little humor. Use a real photograph or a cartoon and be liberal (yet sensitive) with the humor factor. When you make someone laugh, you have already won them over half the time. Credit repair can be quite intimidating so using humor is a great way to break the ice with potential clients and show them that you are in tuned with the realities of this life affecting problem.

4. Announce Daily Deals – Offer daily deals every 24 hour that can be availed of only if a certain number of people sign up (they need not be referred by one person, though that helps). This deal should offer a high discount on a credit repair service/ product that is in high demand. The number of prerequisite users will have your customers market the product/ service for you since they will want to get that high discount you are offering. You may not make significant money with the daily deal offer but you will gain tremendously in visibility and brand promotion and that will eventually convert itself to new profits. People will learn about your business fast and will keep coming back for more. A variation of the daily deals could be special monthly offers or similar offers.

See what works best for your business and in your area. You may be pleasantly surprised at the way free advertising methods increase your business. There is always something new to offer your clients and new, creative ways to promote your business. Take chances and see your business grow.

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