5 Excellent Methods To Attract New Customers

Most small and medium sized credit repair companies need to increase their customer base to increase their profits. To grow the volume of traffic to your website you need to offer or do something that would compel your visitors and customers to visit your website often and have them share the information you provide. Here are some excellent ideas that will generate exceptionally high targeted traffic to your website. You could use one, two or all to boost your credit repair business.

1. Offer Limited Time Free Consultation – People who need you are those who are in trouble with cash. They are looking for credit repair and related resources. Offer them consultation services for free. Highlight that you are not like other companies who make money off of other peoples grief and financially difficult times. Ensure that you are able to advertise this aspect well with the market.

2. Flood the Market With Valuable Information About Your Business Through Online Sources– Press releases, articles submitted at free and paid directories, continuous interaction on FaceBook and other social media networking will help in promoting the name of your business. This aspect should be nurtured and promoted with great gusto consistently.

3. Give Away A Free Super Useful E-Book – You are aware of all the problems people face when they have low credit scores or are facing significant financial hardships. Write an e-book on how to avoid getting into the debt trap/ how to get a loans with better interest rates or anything along those same lines. The e-book – if it is as great as it sounds – can provide you with a continuous flow of visitors. Those who like your e-book will share it with others and thus generate new leads and traffic for you.

4. Offer a deal of the week/ month – Offer some of your services at dirt-cheap prices once a week, biweekly or monthly. This will make your customers look forward to visiting your website to check out the new deals. They will also be happy to bring others to your site so they could enjoy the excellent deals you are offering. Offer specials for referrals as well.

5. Offer ‘Free Answers to 3 questions from Credit Repair Experts’ – This is more fun than real value, but you will be surprised by how many people will take you up on this offer. Have the offer come up every day/ week and you will see how many leads such a simple offer can generate. People will use this to build a rapport with you and depending upon the quality of the answers your ‘experts’ give, they will trust you well enough to engage your services or buy your products.

6. Offer Loyalty Bonus – Announce that anyone who comes through an existing client will be offered a 35% – 75% discount. In this way, your customers will always be happy to introduce people to your site. You will gain new customers and your old customers will be pleased as well.

7. Announce Introductory Offers – Announce that you will give the first order 50% or more discount as an introductory offer to new clients. This will encourage undecided potential clients to use your services.

Attracting new customers is just as important as keeping old ones. Growing your business is a constant challenge that can be best executed by changing with the times and using the resources and the grand scope the internet has to offer. When using these ideas remember that not every avenue will work for every business or in every local market. Try different things and keep redoing the things that work for your business.

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