10 Ways to Successfully Promote Your Credit Repair Business

Do you feel the money that is spent on your advertising overhead is wasted? Are you seeing little to no results? As necessary as advertising is to a businesses growth, it can be equally frustrating when the efforts don’t seem to draw in any new clients or profits. There are numerous creative ways to draw in new clients and keep the interest of your present ones. Here are a few suggestions that are meant to put you into the right gear to zoom ahead of your competitors:

1. Have a photo contest – Invite your readers to submit a photograph on a topic related to credit repair. Ask them to highlight a problem, to poke fun at the realities and/ or difficulties of credit repair or to express their view on a variety of credit issues. Ask your readers to be creative and reward the most creative or most voted picture. To attract the most submissions offer a certificate and cash prize. This is a great way to build your client email/ newsletter list, as well as, get creative new content for your website.

2. Compile an e-book describing some of your most trying cases – With permission from your clients (and names changed for obvious reasons) compile an ebook at regular intervals highlighting some of the most difficult cases your business has taken on. Ensure to detail the entire financial picture, the plan that was outlined, the steps actually taken and the overall outcome of the case. Be sure to be honest and describe difficulties as well as triumphs. Spin difficulties by focusing more on the correct resolution, instead of just on the mistakes that were made. Potential clients want to see that they will be dealing with an honest company. Financial matters are serious issues and can cause a great deal of stress, your job as a credit professional is to ease that stress and provide truly working resolutions.

3. Have a contest for a catchy by-line or jingle – Brand management is a very important and effective way to keep your business fresh in the minds of consumers. Hold a contest for a catchy byline, jingle or brand character. Use the winning submission as part of your business identity.

4. Be charitable – Work in your neighborhood and on-site to generate finances and provide assistance to a favorite charity. The more active your business is in charity, the better your image will be. It is very beneficial to have your business identified with charitable work. As a credit repair agency there are many ways you can benefit and be of assistance to groups/ individuals facing financial difficulties. Consider visiting shelters and providing free financial planning advice or other novel ways to help those who need it the most.

5. Organize a game of soccer/ cricket/ baseball – Your business does not necessarily have to sponsor the event. It is possible to get actual sponsorship from other local businesses in your area. Making it an annual event will encourage members of the community to continuously buzz about your business. You may even consider making an entire field day event with games and other activities and business sponsorships. Incorporating activities for kids will encourage more families to attend the event which help get your business image out to a greater number of potential clients. Ensure that you provide information that will benefit families as well as fun activities to keep potential customers engaged.

6. Organize a seed planting event – Organize an event where people come by and “bury” their debt problems. Explain that the planting of the seeds is symbolic of placing their old, destructive financial habits in the dirt and making way for fresh, new, healthy beginnings. Offer a choice of plants and and pots depending on the persons choice or their magnitude of debt problems. During the exercise give them written information that they can take with them that outlines week by week the things they can do to incorporate better financial habits into their lives. Explain that as the seeds grow they will be making the necessary changes to nurture both their plant and their finances.

The growing plant will serve as a visual reminder of the changes they should be making. Set up a theme such as “bury your debt,” “grow financial freedom,” or “planting the seeds of financial independence,” etc. If you want to make it an even bigger event, invite local eateries, open kiosks for other businesses in the region and/ or get some light entertainment. This event can turn into a great way to promote your business, engage both new and old clients, as well as, get your business to partner with other businesses in the area.

7. Create an advice column – A great way to encourage people to hire your business is to offer quick, free advice. The most effective way to execute this is by creating a forum where people can submit questions and receive answers from you, the expert, or through engaging dialogue with other readers. Depending on where you live, you may even be able to run the column in local papers, leading financial magazines or local magazines. Being seen as a helpful business will engage more potential clients and help your business with client retention. Offer advice that can be helpful but also leave a bit out so that the person is encouraged to seek your businesses assistance.

8. Get your logo and motto on a t-shirt – It is vital to your business that your branding become well known. A simple way to do this is by printing a catchy byline or brand logo on t-shirts, mugs, pens and other useful items. These can be sold or even given away as incentives in your office or online. Ensure that these marketing tools are proudly displayed on the website and in the office. It is a great way to get your name out with inexpensive products that people will want to keep and use. For the best prices find wholesale suppliers online and negotiate directly with a representative/ consultant instead of just ordering directly from the online cart.

9. Offer unbeatable deals – Research competitors and the deals they offer to new and existing customers. Once you know what type of deals your competitors offer you know how best to price your services and specials. You may even consider honoring competitors advertised prices as a great way to steer potential customers to your business. Very often a good deal can make your marketing and business go viral. To take full advantage of this tool, you can consider partnering with another local business and have them sponsor the deal and shoulder some of the cost; this means it would cost you nothing yet still allows your business to gain the most.

10. Interviews/ endorsements – Of course, nothing works as good as a celebrity endorsement, well that is except real people with real problems who are more than happy to share their success stories. Have clients record short videos that can be proudly displayed as key feature stories on your website. Before potential clients agree to hire your company they want to know that will get the best service from you. They want to know that your company has handled similar cases with great outcomes. Be proud of those accomplishments and boast about them on your site. Offer clients a free service or product for their videos in order to get the greatest number of submissions.

To be successful you really need to break out of the mold; the more creative you are with the advertizing and marketing, the more successful your credit repair agency will become. Do not let the fear of potential failure force you to keep repeating the same noneffective marketing strategies. Try new things and reap the rewards of a financially successful business.

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