10 Tips for Popularity and Profit

What makes you choose a certain product or service and what keeps you loyal to that product; can often be very different. When you choose a product, you look at the quality and value. However, once you have bought the product, most people have a standard that the product must meet in order to continue to buy said product. These standards include excellent customer service among others.

Now that you understand what goes on in the head of your customer, let us look closely at what it takes to keep your clients loyal to your business:

1.    Availability – a client needs to be able to reach you when he/she has a problem and the time. The prompter you are in replying to queries, clarifications and requests for support, the more likely that your client will return to you. Your clients have to know they can reach you in their time of need and at their convenience.

2.    Compliance to complaints – there may always be a disgruntled customer, no matter what you do. However, by default you should build a reputation to be a fair judge with a healthy bias towards the customer. Another important aspect is that all complaints are addressed with even more promptness than any other communication.

3.    Same message from your company. You will have to ensure that all your employees speak the same language. In other words, everyone in your organization must know about your goals, the product, the details, everything. All employees should speak the same language or it may completely frustrate the client.

4.    Become part of your client’s life. I remember a gesture from a company I loved a lot, and still do. Their gesture made me a lifelong loyal follower. At Christmas, when most companies send souvenir gifts and greetings, this company sent my 5 years old daughter a wonderful fairytale book. She loved it and such a personal gesture made me fall in love with the company, who has since become part of my life. You need to engage yourself in your clients’ life in a subtle yet significant way.

5.    Tell the truth. The client deserves to know the truth. You will observe that all leading and most successful organizations have the courage to tell the truth about flaws in their products. If you discover any flaw with your product, inform your clients, accept responsibility for the problem and offer a suitable solution as early as possible.

Look at the list above. How would you describe all that in one line? Making your client feel like they are your only client. Unless your client feels happy with your company, they will never stay loyal. There is “plenty of fish in the sea” and competition is fierce in every field, including credit repair. If you want to lead, ensure that you offer security and trust to your clients. They should know that they can count on you and your company in their time of need.

This is not difficult at all. All you need to do is focus your campaign on your client’s satisfaction, NOT on your profits. If your client is satisfied, the profits will pour in.

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