10 Cool Ways to Advertise Your Business For Free

As an owner of a small or even micro business your budget for investing in the promotion of your business might be minimal. However, without promoting, how can your business expand? Don’t worry; there are many effective ways that you can use to promote your business and they do not cost one red cent:

1.    Press releases – Identify an interesting angle of your business and write a press release. Bingo! You have caught the attention of a new client base. If your story is catchy, people who read it will recommend it to others. In no time you will have a new following, which in fact is a compilation of prospective clients.

2.    Write and post articles regularly – This is something more phenomenal than can be described. Publishing articles about your business (not selling or advertising, but facts and advice) is still one of the most productive ways to promote your business. It is an aspect of the business that will be never- ending as long as your business seeks to attract new clients.

3.    Use your car as a billboard – Use humor which is related to your business and make stickers for your car, and even for others, to give away as promotional items. There is nothing comparative to using humor to attract new clients. A light- hearted approach to matters such as money (or the lack there of) and debt, is far better than a cold, fact and figures approach.

4.    Write guides– Allow others to use these as references for free as long as they publish a link back to your website as the source of the guide. This works wonderfully with free e-books and articles as well, and will generate link- back leads.

5.    Maintain a news/ facts sheet about credit repair, debt management, and related matters. Make it accurate and make it interesting. Soon you will be flooded with visitors reading the facts you are publishing as long as they are interesting, current and accurate.

6.    Offer rewards for word- of- mouth business – Word- of- mouth marketing is still the greatest advertising tool for any business. Offer attractive discounts to those who recommend business to you. Offer the option of passing on the discount to the new client if the person who recommends the new client does not have a use for the discount.

7.    Network with business forums – Visit and become members of business communities and forums such as the Chamber of Commerce (http://www.2chambers.com/) and the Business Networking International (http://www.bni.com/). These associations hold meetings regularly both regionally and at national levels; which is a great opportunity for you to promote your business and generate new leads.

8.    Volunteer as a business group – Do volunteer as much as you can and help those who are less fortunate than you are. While you do your bit for the society, use your business identity instead of your personal one so people will get familiar with your business and hence, market it by word of mouth.

9.    Inexpensive and useful freebies – Not all freebies need to be expensive. You can make some lovely bookmarks with sweet inspirations or even rolling-on-the-floor type of humor, which will encourage children to use the book marks and show it to their parents, hopefully.

10.    Organize charity events – Organize a children’s event where they can make handmade greeting cards or other inexpensive yet useful items, which can be sold and have all the money raised go to your favorite charity. The event could be anything close to your heart but it should involve the majority of your community and the community should know that your business (by name) has organized it.

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